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  1. H.H. Holmes - Murderer - Biography.com | Early Life

    • Early Life. Infamous con artist and serial killer H.H. Holmes was born Herman Webster Mudgett on May 16, 1861, in Gilmanton, New Hampshire. Sometimes referred as the "Beast of Chicago," H.H. Holmes killed many of the city's inhabitants in his specially constructed home...


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    • Соловых, H.H. Стереотаксическая хирургия фокальной эпилепсии: Дисс. ..... Holmes, G.L. Surgery for intractable seizures in infancy and early childhood ...
    • Hotel Holmes, A Haunted House based on HH Holmes life in Irvington.


  3. H. H. Holmes - Wikipedia

    • Early life. Holmes was born as Herman Webster Mudgett in Gilmanton, New Hampshire, on May 16 1861, to Levi Horton Mudgett and Theodate Page Price, both of whom were descended from the first English settlers
    • HH Holmes: The True History of the White City Devil. Skyhorse. ISBN 1510713433.


  4. HH Holmes

    • HH Holmes. Saturday, 07.30.2011.Chad Leave a comment. The individual who takes the lives of numerous others in a methodical manner, known as a serial killer, baffles the minds of most people, including behavior specialists.


  5. HH Holmes: America's First Serial Killer

    • HH Holmes was a doctor, a pharmacist, a father... and a killer.
    • Medieval Ring Found In Real-Life Sherwood Forest Could Be Worth A Fortune. The Original Beauty And The Beast Is Nothing Like People Imagine.


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    • Mysteries of Sherlock Holmes (Stepping Stone Book Classics) epub pdf txt.


  7. H.H. Holmes: America's First Serial Killer by Kimberly Nagel on Prezi

    • Life of Holmes Problems Expressed an early interest in medicine which led to Holmes dissect and perform surgery on
    • about-americas-first-serial-killer-hh-holmes>.
    • He could distinguish what reality was, he knew what he was doing was illegal, and he did not have a low intelligence from an early age.


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    • Sherlock Holmes and Young Winston: The Giant Moles epub pdf txt.


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    • The complete Sherlock Holmes epub pdf txt.


  10. Hotel of Horrors: The Murder Castle of Dr. H.H. Holmes

    • The mad doctor will see you now. H.H. Holmes killed at least nine people, confessed to as many as 30 slayings, and may have been responsible for up to 200.
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