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Leonardo DiCapro is slated for HH HOLMES in a movie upcoming in fact he bough the book.

H.H. Holmes, America's First Serial Killer


Information on John Borowski's documentary film about the case.

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Leonardo DiCaprio film shocker: The horrific TRUE story of a terrifying serial killer. HH HOLMES burned, poisoned, gassed and tortured up to 200 people.

Leonardo DiCaprio Is A Serial Killer In ‘Devil In The White City’


DiCaprio will portray HH Holmes in an adaptation of The Devil in the White City.

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Dr. Harry Howard Holmes was forever immortalized in Chicago's dark history. As Chicago planned and executed it's designs for the 1893 World's Fair...

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A documentary film on Holmes, H. H. Holmes: America's First Serial Killer, was released in 2004, narrated by Tony Jay.

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Oscar-winner Leonardo's blood-thirsty new film will make...


Leonardo DiCaprio and HH Holmes, the killer he'll play in Devil in the White City Credit: Getty.

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