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  1. How do I change my Chrome language back to English? - Super User

    • Suddenly, my Chrome language has been changed to Tamil. I didn't make this change manually. I don't know how to change this setting to English.
    • That changes the Google search language, but not Chrome's. – slhck May 4 '13 at 19:28.


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    • For Google Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers.
    • santadeepa bal 13 days ago. how i change the language to english . plz help.


  3. how to change google chrome language from romanian to english

    • Home » Tag Archives: how to change chrome language from german to english.
    • How To Change Language On Google Chrome Hindi/Urdu/English/Etc - 2017 - Продолжительность: 4:46 How To हिंदी 15 937 просмотров.


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    • Steps to Open Google.com in English. Clicking on the the URLs can temporarily change the language to English, from list below
    • How to Search Text in Page Source with Google Chrome.


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    • Unanswered Questions. How can I set change the language and input for 800 PC's without having to do it one by one?
    • How can I get Google Chrome back to English if these steps did not work?


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    • How to Change Google Chrome Default Language to Your Choice of Language or English. If you are using Google Chrome in English or any other language and want to change that one, you can simply do it.


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    • By default, Google Chrome is installed with English language but many people don’t have English as their first language. If you want to change default Google Chrome language, here’s how you can do it.
    • How to Change Google Chrome Default Language.


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    • If you have ever wanted to change or adjust your web browsing language settings in Google Chrome then this guide will show you how.
    • After you restart your PC, Chrome should now display menus in English. For further info visit this link: http...


  9. How to change interface language of Google Chrome

    • Change Google Chrome language of user interface.
    • 2. Now scroll down further to Languages section which reads ‘Change how Chrome handles and displays languages‘. Here click on the ‘Language and input settings‘ button to open ‘Languages’ pop-up window.


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    • How to change google chrome language back to english - Duration: 1:01.
    • Change Google Chrome Language to English - Duration: 1:56.