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  1. Tekken 6 Cheats and Cheat Codes, PSP

    • We have cheats that include unlocking alternate costumes, unlocking Panda, getting bonus Gold and defeating Azazel easily.
    • How to use hammer in tekken 6psp. How to get nancy bot.


  2. How do you unlock azazel in tekken 6

    • How can you unlock jinpachi and azazel in tekken 6?
    • To be honest with you, I never had Tekken on PSP (I don't even have a PSP!) but you probably can't play with Azazel on a PSP if you can't on any other consoles.


  3. [PSP] Tekken 6 how to Play as Azazel + gameplay - YouTube

    • to plugins and enable them all 9. then press 'back' and then 'exit' 10, now open the tekken 6 and by the time you go to the lobby screen hold select button for many seconds until the commands pop up 11. press 'select
    • Up next. How to unlock Azazel in Psp!!! - Duration: 1:29. Vaptokein 1,661 views.


  4. How can you unlock jinpachi and azazel in tekken 6

    • How do you unlock azazel in tekken 6?
    • How do you get jinpachi in Tekken 5 dark resurrection for psp? actually you cant get jinpachi . u can only get him on the ps3 or xbox360 version.


  5. How to unlock rage in Tekken 6

    • no and it never will i searched long time ago that i think the days of new tekken series at ps2 is over but i dont now way namco did it but the grafhics and game play of ps2 i…s more greater then psp but its unfair ps2 is still countinuing i think the end of the awsome.
    • How do you unlock azazel in tekken 6?


  6. Tekken 6 Cheats, Unlockables, Action Replay Codes for PSP @ CheatsGuru.Com

    • how to use the chinese sword for feng in tekken 6 psp.
    • Tekken 6 Unlockable: Characters The following characters can be unlocked by performing the actions below
    • Beat him in Azazel's Temple, Central Corridor. Mokujin. Beat it in Subterranean Pavillion.


  7. Tekken 6 Cheats, Cheat Codes, Hints and Video Walkthroughs for PSP

    • How can we unlock AZAZEL and NANCY in tekken 6 is it possible?...
    • Retro City Rampage: DX, (PSP). The Legend Of Heroes: Trails In The Sky SC, (PSP). Angus Hates Aliens, (PSP). Meiji Toukyou Renka: Twilight Kiss, (PSP).


  8. When is tekken 6 tournament will start

    • How do you unlock azazel in tekken 6?
    • 12,787 Contributions. Answered. In Sony PSP. How do you beat eddy in tekken 6? it's simple, just learn how to block his attacked from below because Eddy and Christie's attacks seem to be strong because most of them are low hits. learning how to blocks hi…ts...


  9. Is tekken 6 a multiplayer game

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    • How do you unlock azazel in tekken 6?
    • In Sony PSP. How do you do EWGF in Tekken 6? EWGF, or Electric Wind God Fist, is a hidden move that can be performed by Heihachi Mishima, Kazuya Mishima and Devil Jin in Tekken 6...


  10. Is tekken 6 psp game sharing

    • How do you unlock the endings in tekken 6?
    • 8. Azazel (final boss) Returning characters: 9. Anna Williams 10. Armor King 11. Asuka Kazama 12.
    • How do you get on to the career mode on tekken 6 for the psp? what you do is you go online and search T6SM and download it only 5.99.