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  1. How to unlock azazel in tekken 6?? in PSP - Tekken 6 Answers for PSP - GameFAQs

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    • Additional Details: Can someone tell me how to use cwcheats and play as azazel??
    • Did anyone notice tekken 6 ghost battles dont have Azazel's temple and Gargolyte's Perch?


  2. How do you use azazel in tekken 6 BR

    • How to use devil jin's laser in tekken 6 for xbox? on xbox and xbox360 hold the a button it makes him fly and then press a and b repeatedly then he shoots the laser although it is a devastating move because he loses strength d…oing it.
    • How can you unlock jinpachi and azazel in tekken 6?


  3. how to use azazel in tekken 6 xbox 360

    • None is long enough tekken 6 xbox 360 cheats azazel warrant a single post devoted to it, add-ons, TV shows and home videos in the market without having to use a credit card.
    • How to be azazel in tekken 6 xbox360? answers.yahoo.com First of all, you can NOT be Azazel .


  4. How do you get azazel in tekken 6

    • How do you play with azazel in tekken 6? It's simple.YOU CAN'T unless you use a mod.
    • Well, I have the XBOX 360 Console cersion of Tekken 6, and I defeated azazel using Christie.


  5. How do I beat Azazel dragon in tekken 6? - Tekken 6 Answers for Xbox 360 - GameFAQs

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    • An easy way to defeat Azazel is to use Jin Kazama and just keep on moving backwards while pressing the buttons Y and then X right after.


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    • how to use the chinese sword for feng in tekken 6 psp.
    • How to defeat AZAZEL: Memorize a character's 10-hit combo and/or aerial combo with timing and precision.


  7. How do you use the weapons on tekken 6

    • What version is needed to use tekken 6? For Playstation, PS3 is the only console that you can play Tekken 6. For XBox, Xbox 360 is the most compatible console for the game.
    • How do you use azazel in tekken 6 BR?


  8. How do you defeat azazel in tekken 6

    • Well, I have the XBOX 360 Console cersion of Tekken 6, and I defeated azazel using Christie.
    • Gold Azazel appears in Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion. No one seems to know how to get it though.


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    • How To Beat Azazel. Created by: H8ter14. Read the full guide... Achievements. Achievement List. Give Your Fists a Rest (15) Defeat an enemy using a weapon in Scenario Campaign Mode.


  10. How do I beat Azazel...? - Tekken 6 Answers for PlayStation 3 - GameFAQs

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    • How do I beat Azazel...? ... the lord of the guard. I can block his moves easy enough (cept for his laser), but do you have to attack right before and right after he attacks or is there some trick to this beast?