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ich ('I') + liebe ('love') + dich ('you'). ich liebe dich. I love you.

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Ich liebe dich. Egal was ist, hörst du mich? Wenn du bei mir bleibst heute Nacht, verlässt die Einsamkeit mein Hass.

What’s the difference between “Ich habe dich lieb” and “Ich liebe dich”?


“Ich liebe dich” is reserved for the significant other such as boy/girlfriend, wife/husband, or your closest family such as parents/children. It is the unambiguous declaration of love.

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When you say Ich liebe dich to someone...it means you love them.

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Ich Liebe Dich is the fourth and final single released by German band La Düsseldorf. The single was released in advance of a fourth album (to be called "Mon Amour") just before Valentine's Day 1983. Mon Amour was shelved soon after the single's release...

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Ich liebe dich, dich dich so wie du bist.

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'Ich hab dich lieb' is more of what a parent would say to a child, or something said between platonic friends. It is not a romantic expression of love, like 'Ich liebe dich'.

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Перевод текста песни Tokio Hotel - Ich liebe Dich-Tom. Tokio Hotel - Я тебя люблю Я тебя люблю текст По иронии судьбы, я должен пройти У нас есть 1999 года...

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