Import wallet.dat into a new Bitcoin-Qt client - Bitcoin Stack Exchange

Now I would like to import my original wallet.dat from the old client which was encrypted into an new version of Bitcoin-Qt. How do I do that?

importing wallet.dat file

And I would like to import the wallet.dat file in Electrum. hope to hear from you experts

Import Wallet Backup - Be Your Own Bank® -

Import Wallet Create a new wallet by importing an existing wallet file. Drag the wallet file into the area above. Supports Bitcoin-Qt (wallet.dat) and (wallet.aes.json) files.

How to import old wallet.dat file into Mac client | Forum

I want to import this wallet.dat file into a new Litecoin client on my new Mac. What are the steps for doing this?

How to Import Bitcoin Core wallet.dat File into MultiBit

In fact, this just happened to me after dusting off my old wallet.dat file from 2 years ago.

Import wallet.dat not working · Issue #44 · blockchain/My-Wallet

New issue. Import wallet.dat not working #44. Closed.

File extension DAT - Bitcoin wallet file

Files with dat extension can also be found as special wallet.dat files for BitCoin service. Contains a collection of private keys.

So how do I import a wallet.dat file? - Technical... - CryptoCoinTalk

Specify full path to the file you want to import?

How do I import wallet.dat file into new applebyte qt - Wallet Issues

Erase wallet.dat in the new qt wallet and replace it with the wallet.dat file you want to import, then sync as normal.

How to backup and import wallet.dat file. |

I was able to backup my wallet, although I don't know how I can import it back into the bitcoin client when testing on another computer.

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