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    • Also indian astrology yahoo answers nature frank.
    • Life doesn't have to be serious all the time. Diamonds: When you think of diamonds in the real world, what do indian astrology yahoo answers think of.


  2. Whats the difference between Indian astrology(Jyotish) and Western astrology? | Yahoo Answers

    The difference is that Indian Vedic Astrology follows the Lunar based system based on movement of the moon and Western Astrology is based on movement of the sun.


  3. Vedic /indian astrology :birth time on border of Capricorn & Aquarius Lagna -- Plz verify? | Yahoo Answers

    According to your details her marriage life is so so and marriage time is running no problem to get marriage and real time of birth is 12.15.


  4. Is second marriage option available in my horoscope? Sum1 knowing Indian astrology pls tell! Birth details in? | Yahoo Answers

    If Indian astrology was sooo accurate, we would've been the richest & most powerful nation on the planet with Bejan Daruwala as our Prime Minister. :-) Moreover, incase astrology is affirmative on your marriage date & years later the marriage turns out broken, would you blame Jupiter...


  5. What is the best Free Vedic Indian Astrology Website ? | Yahoo Answers

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  6. yahoo answers astrology india

    • Indian birth astrology? | Yahoo Answers. Astrology - ALL IN ONE INDIA. allinone-india.com.
    • Home » Astrology, Libra, Yahoo Answers, Zodiac Star signs » (Yahoo Answers) Can someone explain this to me?


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    • When is the right time to get married? That is what we want to find out on Yahoo Answers today . . .
    • And what does the number of friends say about a person? Share your experience right here on Yahoo Answers . . .


  8. You wana digg the indian astrology and indian Astrologer? | Yahoo Answers

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  9. Any profession indian astrology software for iOS and android? | Yahoo Answers

    I will recommend you to believe in blessings of Allah despite of going for Astrology. Allah says you to follow the principals set by Him and you will no more need an astrology software.


  10. I know of western, chinese, indian astrology? | Yahoo Answers

    Javanese astrology. It's like the western astrology, but more in depth. It's ancient, so you most likely won't find it in the internet, but I do have a book about it...