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  1. Tutorial: How to run Chrome OS in VirtualBox – ChromeOS-Blog

    • A Chrome OS image. 2. Install VirtualBox.
    • Hi there. I followed this process using the latest from Hexxeh’s Chromium OS Vanilla site and a current 4.3 VirtualBox. Regardless of the mouse integration (enabled/disabled) the mouse pointer does not work properly.


  2. How to Install Google Chrome OS into VirtualBox

    • Earlier, Google released Chrome OS virtual appliance and now they’ve confirmed the release of Chromium Operating System for virtual machine.
    • You have successfully installed the Google Chrome OS into your VirtualBox.


  3. How to Install Chromium OS in VirtualBox - LaptopNinja

    Share3. Tweet. Pin. Email. +1. Shares 3. Not too long ago you may have ready my post about turning your old laptop into a Chromebook by using the open source version of Google’s operating system known as Chromium OS.


  4. install chrome os virtualbox - ChromiumNetbooks

    • The amazing folks at hexxeh have now made the VDI files public which means anyone with a copy of Virtualbox can now install Chromium / Chrome OS on.


  5. How to Install and Run ChromeOS in Virtualbox (Mac/Windows)

    • We took the leap and installed the OS below.
    • Stuff You’ll Need. Virtualbox (Download link). ChromiumOS nightly build (VB file). Sufficient RAM and storage to run a virtual machine.


  6. Install VirtualBox, then download CloudReady’s virtual ChromeOS machine | Digital Trends

    • Unzip the virtual machine, install Virtualbox, and we’re ready to get going.
    • In the window that opens, click System, then make sure Enable EFI (Special OSes only) is checked.


  7. Video: Install Chrome OS In VirtualBox | Skatter

    • So I decided to make a quick screen cast on how to install Google Chrome OS in VirtualBox. (Credit for the idea goes to UbuntuForums) It’s actually quite easy, even if you’re computer illiterate. To get started, just watch the video below


  8. Install Chromium OS in Virtualbox and more. Find out more at ChromiumNetbooks website.

    • The amazing folks at hexxeh have now made the VDI files public which means anyone with a copy of Virtualbox can now install Chromium / Chrome OS on to their computer. To use this VDI files, just install VirtualBox and create a new virtual machine in it.


  9. Install Google Chrome OS on Virtual Box in Windows 10 | Notes

    • Here's how you can install Chromium Operating System in Oracle Virtual Box on Microsoft Windows 10.
    • CloudReady_Free_x64_Virtualbox.ova (1.09 GB in size). A download link for CloudReady Chrome OS file (an older version) for Virtual Box (if working)


  10. Want To Try Out Google Chrome OS For Yourself? Here's How. | TechCrunch

    • The public debut of Google Chrome OS today has the press abuzz over the potential of the new web-based operating system.
    • Once that’s done, download a version of VirtualBox for whatever OS you’re running on here and install it.