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Sahara desert is the second largest desert in the world. Go through the article, to explore some more interesting and fun facts about Sahara desert.

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Deserts experience an extremely dry climate and the scorching heat of the sun, most times of the year.

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Interesting Facts about Dry Climates. The hottest temperatures in the world, up to 58⁰C, have been recorded in arid regions, like in the deserts of Africa. Some arid areas, like the Atacama Desert in Chile, South America, gets less than 1cm of rain in a year!


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The desert is the hottest biome on earth. However, the desert is also a land of extremes. It can be over 100 degrees ...

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TROPICAL CLIMATE. It is found near the Tropics. Weather: - Temperatures are always hot, between 24ºC-27ºC - Rainfall is abundant all year.

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Camel Spiders: Facts & Myths - LiveScience. Climate History of the Mojave Desert Region, 1892 - 1996 - USGS.

Interesting Facts About Israel: Judean Desert. Photo by Acazorzi

Interesting Facts About Israel: Negev Desert. Photo by Killy Ridols.

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Although deserts are known for their dry, arid climatic conditions, deserts may have rainy seasons. In extremely hot areas the rain may evaporate before reaching the ground.

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