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  1. interesting facts hot desert climate

    • Interesting Facts about Dry Climates. The hottest temperatures in the world, up to 58⁰C, have been recorded in arid regions, like in the deserts of Africa.
    • Here are some interesting desert facts including some generic information pertaining to the major deserts of the world.


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  3. Deserts | Buzzle.com

    • Deserts experience an extremely dry climate and the scorching heat of the sun, most times of the year.
    • For more of these interesting facts about the deserts around the world, read on.
    • The Sahara Desert is the largest hot desert in the world and the third largest desert (area wise) falling...


  4. Desert Facts

    • The climate is pretty extreme with scorching hot days and chilly nights. Prehistoric cave paintings in some Sahara desert regions depict it as a greener, more tropical region.
    • Read these interesting Gobi desert facts to keep yourself abreast on the topic of deserts. Gobi desert is a cold desert.


  5. Sonoran Desert Facts | Interesting Facts for Kids 9:- Sonoran Desert animal adaptations Animals living in the Sonoran Desert have to make many adaptations in order to survive its extreme temperatures and hot climate.

    • Factsmania provide free printable facts about the Sonoran Desert which are interesting and informative, and useful to schools, kids and teachers.
    • (76mm to 500mm) average rainfall per year in the Sonoran Desert *** Climate Description: Hot and Dry ***.


  6. 10 Facts about Desert Climate | Fact File | Facts about Desert Climate 8: the hot desert climate characteristics

    • Let me show you some interesting Facts about Desert Climate in the following post below. A region is classified as a desert climate if the precipitation level is super low so that the area cannot sustain any vegetation.
    • Facts about Desert Climate 6: Hot desert climates.


  7. Interesting Facts About the Desert

    • Hot deserts are the main types and they receive a little amount of rainfall throughout the year.
    • Interesting Facts About the Main Types of Deserts.
    • Due to climate change, a large portion of arable land is turning to desert every year.


  8. Sahara Desert Facts

    • Interesting Facts for Kids 14:- Sahara Desert plant adaptations and facts The plants of the Sahara Desert need to be robust and resilient in order to adapt to its hot, dry climate and nutritionally poor soils.


  9. Interesting facts about deserts

    • Interesting Facts about Deserts for Kids:- Sahara Desert Facts: The Sahara is the largest hot desert and the third biggest desert in the world.
    • The Sahara Desert is subject to an extreme climate with little rainfall, high temperatures and powerful winds. The Sahara is classified as a hot desert biome...


  10. Sahara Desert Facts - Interesting And Fun Facts About Sahara Desert

    • Sahara desert is the second largest desert in the world. Go through the article, to explore some more interesting and fun facts about Sahara desert.
    • The climate of Sahara desert is very hot and dry. During the day, it is very hot, while night brings along chill. Sahara desert receives only 8 inches of...