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  1. Irma (name) - Wikipedia

    Irma is a female given name. The name days for Irma are February 19 (Germany), March 31 (Finland), April 7 (Sweden), May 3 (Hungary), September 10 (Czech Republic), September 18 (Poland), October 13 (Latvia), October 25 (USA), and November 14 (Slovakia).


  2. IrMa - YouTube

    • IrMa uploaded a video 1 year ago. 2:56.
    • ИрМа - Паранойя (Николай Носков cover) - Duration: 2 minutes, 56 seconds. IrMa.


  3. Irma - YouTube

    • Irma - Street Lights (OFFICIAL VIDEO). Track co-produced by Irma & Trackinvaders.
    • Irma - Save Me [OFFICIAL]. Live video mapping & dance performance.


  4. Irma - CDs and Vinyl at Discogs

    • ICP = IRMA CasadiPrimordine IC = IRMA On Canvas (usually Italian pressings) IU = IRMA Unlimited (usually American pressings) OIC or OLD = IRMA Classics.


  5. Irma - Wiktionary

    From German Irma in the nineteenth century. Short form of Germanic names beginning with irm(en)-, erm(en) "whole, entire", from Proto-Germanic *ermunaz. Cognate with English Emma. Irma. A female given name.


  6. Irma - Wikipedia

    Irma may refer to: Irma (name), a female given name. Irma (singer), full name Irma Pany, a Cameroonian female singer-songwriter. Irma, Alberta, Canada, a village. Irma, Lombardy, Italy, a comune. Irma, Wisconsin, USA, an unincorporated community.


  7. Tropical storm irma

    • ▾ Tropical Storm Irma. Home Public Adv Fcst Adv Discussion Wind Probs Graphics Archive. U.S. Watch/Warning Local Products.


  8. IRMA - Ana Sayfa | Facebook

    • Unfortunately the terrible Hurricane hitting Florida is called IRMA. Not only because of that are our thoughts this weekend, as they have been all week...


  9. Hurricane Irma, Tropical Storm Lidia - tracking path and forecasts - live updates - CBS News

    • Irma has maximum sustained winds of 110 mph, making it a Category 2 storm, the NHC said. Irma had strengthened to a Category 3 on Thursday, with maximum sustained winds near 120 mph.


  10. Powerful Hurricane Irma could be next weather disaster - CNN

    On the heels of Hurricane Harvey, a rapidly intensifiying Hurricane Irma treks westward in the Atlantic, posing a major threat to the Caribbean and US next week.