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  1. Ip Man 2: Movie Reviewed by a Wing Chun Artist | I Liked This Movie But Definitely Liked The First Ip Man Better

    • Some say that the fight scene between Ip Man and the Hun Gar master (played by Sammo Hung) is one of the best in all Kung Fu movie history. If you're into Wing Chun, Kung Fu or the martial arts you’ll like this movie.


  2. is ip man 1 or 2 better

    • i have ip man 1 and 2 and they were great. i thought there would be a deeper storyline in this film. the fighting is good but not enough of it and its mainly talking. the storyline is a bit stupid and Donnie Yen was a much better Ip Man, but they did find a very similar lookalike.


  3. Top 10 Action Packed Donnie Yen Movies | Martial Arts Action Movies .com

    • I haven’t ranked these in any particular order (until best overall), they are simply his top most entertaining films with the highest level of intensity and adrenaline mixed into the action. These movies will give you that action film rush! Ip Man 1, 2 & 3.


  4. 20th century - Did the fights in the Ip Man movie series actually occur in real life? - History Stack Exchange

    • In a series of movies called Ip Man 1 and 2, based in WW2, a Wing Chun martial arts master called Ip Man fought with a Japanese general and a western boxer
    • I love the art of good movies, including historical ones, but filmmakers (Western or Eastern it seems) are notorious liars to a high degree.


  5. Ip Man 1 - Movie Reviewed by a Wing Chun Student

    • Ip Man Part 2 wrapped up production in Shanghai, China and based on insider accounts, it’s better and badder than the first one. In fact, so much heart and soul went into making it “Perfect” that Sammo Hung (who acts in the movie and is the action choreographer)...


  6. Donnie Yen's Nose Lacerated By Max Zhang While Shooting IP MAN 3

    • The filming of Ip Man 3 is well under way and after Mike Tyson's finger got fractured last month, another key cast member has been injured. This time, it is lead actor Donnie Yen who has been hurt.


  7. Was Ip Man really a great fighter? | Yahoo Answers

    From an interview with Yuan Kay Shan's and Yiu Choi's grandsons, they didn't want to say who was the best but instead just said they were close friends and often exchanged ideas. Yuan Kay Shan was known to be unbeatable in life-to-death matches in Fatshan. Yip Man was known to keep low profile...


  8. Official Discussion: Ip Man 3 [SPOILERS] : movies

    • Ip Man usually outright rejects students if he deemed not worthy. This time he opened a door for him though. But yeah, Ip Man in the series really isn't the best communicator, ha.


  9. Ip Man 2 Reviews - Metacritic

    • Not as good as the first Ip Man, however, still worth a watch. Seems a little bit more "hollywood" than the first film, particularly in the plot line, but again what do you expect? The fight scenes are still very good, so definitely worth watching if you're into kung fu films.


  10. Ip Man (2008) - IMDb

    Action, biography, drama. Director: Wilson Yip. Starring: Donnie Yen, Simon Yam, Siu-Wong Fan and others. During the Japanese invasion of 1937, when a wealthy martial artist is forced to leave his home and work to support his family...