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If your app requires specific settings, user account information, or special instructions, include these details in the App Review Information section of iTunes Connect. If you don't include this information, the app review process may be delayed and your app could be rejected.

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What is the best way to bulk add in-app purchases into iTunes Connect? What is Apple's App Store approval process?

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It's called Reject Binary: Reject binary with state waiting for review (can't find reject binary button).

itunesconnect - New Itunes connect : Submitting app for review

In xcode I changed the build version, not the app version, Archive and validate. Submit. While the build was still "Processing", I went back to my apps new version page on iTunes Connect. Choose the new build and submit for review. Dont let the build become inactive.

An Easy Mistake with iTunes Connect & Metadata Rejections

However, resubmitting the build after the metadata rejection put me back at the beginning of the queue, and a week later the app was in review.

iTunes Connect App Status Update | Reviewing

Whilst you are waiting for Apple (Waiting For Review or In Review) you can abort the process by rejecting the binary using iTunes Connect. Your app status will change to Developer Rejected and you will need to restart from the beginning with a new binary.

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If this is your first time submitting an app to iTunes Connect, specify your company name.

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When will app reviewed from apple after rejection of app due to metadata rejection? 1. Can I edit Demo account details in app review information in iTunes Connect when app status is “Waiting for Review”?

Deleting an app version or app from app store using iTunes Connect

Deleting an App Version from App Store. I spent quite a lot of time looking around on how to delete an app which I accidentally submitted for review in iTunes Connect. Its pretty easy after you find how to do it :), follow the below steps

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