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How long is an app in review on iTunes Connect? - Quora


ITunes Connect: How long does it take for iAd earnings to show up in iTunes connect? Why is iTunes Connect so slow and a terrible system? Do bad reviews of an app in a local iTunes impact other countries ranking?

itunes connect - Long In Review Time - Ask Different


App review process (testflight): In review for a long time? 6. Cannot seem to add internal testers with existing iTunes Connect accounts. 4.

An Easy Mistake with iTunes Connect & Metadata Rejections


How long you waited after “Submitted for Review”? Regards, Valery.

ios - How long before an app review shows up in iTunes Connect?


I've found reviews generally show up within 24-48 hours. The drop down will only show countries that you have reviews for. So if only the US is showing then these are the only reviews that iTunes Connect knows about.

itunes connect app in review how long


ITunes Connect: How long does it take for iAd earnings to show up in iTunes connect? Is the iTunes App Store user friendly?

Deleting an app version or app from app store using iTunes Connect


I spent quite a lot of time looking around on how to delete an app which I accidentally submitted for review in iTunes Connect.

Submit Your App to iTunes Connect – Como Help Center


If this is your first time submitting an app to iTunes Connect, specify your company name.

How long has your app been IN REVIEW? | Official Apple Support...


I uploaded a new version of my app 4 days ago, and am still opening iTunes Connect only to see it is still "In Review". How long have you guys had to wait to have an app reviewed and posted?

How long for a ready for sale app to be available on App Store? | Forum


After an app gets approved and changes the status to Ready for sale, how long does it usually take

Users getting 'Cannot connect to iTunes Store' error


...be affecting the App Store, the iTunes Store, the Mac App Store, and iTunes Connect, the platform third-party developers use to submit their apps for review.

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