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ITunes Connect Review of an app with an incompatible API. 0. iTunes Connect - Use different bank account in the Agreement, Tax and Banking. 0.

Providing App Review Information - Apple Developer

If you don't include this information, the app review process may be delayed and your app could be rejected. For more details on providing App Review Information, read the iTunes Connect Developer Guide.

ios6 - iTunesconnect, App Review Contact Information

I'm having trouble (again) with itunes connect. I want to add a new version for my app, but I have the message. The following error(s) occurred

Submit Your App to iTunes Connect – Como Help Center

Once you have created an app build, you can submit your app to the Apple App Store through iTunes Connect.

An Easy Mistake with iTunes Connect & Metadata Rejections

I received a metadata rejection which is a common way for Apple to request more information about an app.

Configuring an App in iTunes Connect - Xamarin

This section of the iTunes Connect Application Record provides localized information about the application, what it does, any modifications to new versions, keywords used in search and iAd support and any supporting URLs.

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iTunes Connect. Free 14 Day Trial — No Credit Card Required.

What's New in iTunes Connect - ASCIIwwdc

Today iTunes Connect is broken into seven distinct tabs: Versions, Pricing, Prerelease, In-App Purchases, Game Center, Reviews, and Newsstand. And we want to simplify this a little bit. First off, we are going to create a new tab called App Store, and we are going to put in your version information...

fastlane/itc-api-docs: The unofficial documentation of the iTunes...

Next, you can enter your iTunes Connect credentials in the Default Domain settings. The app_id is the ID of your app.

iTunes Connect App Properties Version-‐Level Properties

Contact Information properties provide information to Apple to support the app review process. This information never appears to users. Property.

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