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  1. Describes how to use the iTunes Connect website to manage iOS and Mac apps on the App Store.

    • iTunes Connect displays information about an app rejection, including any specific App Review Guidelines that caused the app to be rejected.
    • If you find an issue in your build that you want to fix while the status is Waiting for Review or In Review, you can remove your app from Apple’s review...


  2. iTunes Connect App Status Update | Reviewing

    • Whilst you are waiting for Apple (Waiting For Review or In Review) you can abort the process by rejecting the binary using iTunes Connect. Your app status will change to Developer Rejected and you will need to restart from the beginning with a new binary.


  3. iTunes Connect App Status | Reviewing

    • iTunes Connect App Status. Aug 31, 2010 · 3 minute read App Store.
    • Once you get past the upload process you end up in the queue Waiting For Review and usually with a day or two you end up actually In Review.


  4. App Review - Support - Apple Developer | Time-Sensitive Event For apps associated with an event, we recommend you plan and schedule the release of your app in iTunes Connect.

    • App Review Status. Once you've submitted your app for review, you can view its status in the My Apps section of iTunes Connect or on the iTunes Connect App for iPhone and iPad.


  5. iTunes Connect Status

    • Status. Platform. Integrations. Daily reports released? Google Play. iTunes Connect.


  6. Working with Your Product’s Metadata | In-App Purchase Configuration Guide for iTunes Connect

    • You can change the product reference name at any time without review. The reference name will be used on iTunes Connect and in Sales and Trends reports.
    • The change has its own status separate from the overall status of the in-app purchase product.


  7. Managing Your App in iTunes Connect | To view the status of your app

    • The team agent can add iTunes Connect users and change their roles. Before adding users, review the privileges for each role in iTunes Connect.
    • Sign in to iTunes Connect. On the iTunes Connect homepage, click My Apps. Locate the app you want to edit. The status of each version of your app...


  8. Transferring and Deleting Apps | To delete an app from the store and iTunes Connect

    • The app retains its reviews and ratings during and after the transfer, and users continue to have access to future updates.
    • Open the App Details page for the app, as described in Creating an iTunes Connect Record for an App. Make sure that the app status allows deletion.


  9. Replacing Your App with a New Version | Creating the Next App Version in iTunes Connect

    • Note: If you find a problem with the build whose status is Waiting for Review or In Review, you can remove the build from
    • On the iTunes Connect homepage, click My Apps. Select the app and open the App Details page for the app, as described in Creating an iTunes Connect Record for an App.


  10. Developer Guide 6.1 | iTunes Connect Mobile iPhone App Contact Us

    • Waiting For Review. For a complete definition of iTunes Connect states, refer to the Checking the Status of an App section.
    • For all In App Purchases in status Approved By Developer, you will see a button titled Send Now for Review on the In App Purchase page.