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Whilst you are waiting for Apple (Waiting For Review or In Review) you can abort the process by rejecting the binary using iTunes Connect. Your app status will change to Developer Rejected and you will need to restart from the beginning with a new binary.

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As a few people have commented/upvoted on @ThomasRS's accepted answer, for whatever reason, even though my app's status was "Waiting for review", the blue bar with the "To submit a new build, you must remove this version from review" message did not appear on the iTunes Connect website...

App submission issue with new iTunes Connect | Communities

also i have try to upload app in iTUNES using Application Loader and Xcode 5.1 but still not change status and.

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Now my app status is "Waiting for Review".

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An Easy Mistake with iTunes Connect & Metadata Rejections

I read this post and I have two of my apps has metadata rejected and I tried response to the App Review and then I was waiting for one day but the App review has never response or change the status so I

Apple iTunes Connect app status, waiting for upload

I submitted my app to the Apple app store successfully through Xcode, but in iTunes Connect the status of my app is still "Waiting For Upload".

iPhone Development 101: Submitting the App to the App Store

Application - Your app name will only show up here if you've added the app to iTunes Connect, and the app's status is Waiting for Upload.

Submitting Your App to iTunes Connect

Wait while your app is uploaded to iTunes Connect. Grab a cup of coffee, or maybe send me a SoBe Fruit Punch…I love that stuff! v. Revel in the success of your app being accepted by iTunes Connect, and being placed in “Waiting For Review” status! Hit Finish.

Can I edit Demo account details in app review information in iTunes...

Now my app status is 'Waiting for Review'. I want to change the demo accoun...

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