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iTunes Connect review process for an application that depends on MAC Address.

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For instructions on how to prepare your beta app and set up a list of testers, read the iTunes Connect Developer Guide or watch the TestFlight video tutorial.

Clarification on Beta App Review – Ole Begemann

To get going, upload builds from Xcode as you do today. Next, set up your list of testers in iTunes Connect. Once you have a build you’re ready to send to testers, just submit your app for Beta App Review and testing will begin once your app is approved.

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0. iTunes Connect - Use different bank account in the Agreement, Tax and Banking. 1. Apple review process: Penalty for updating an app before it has been reviewed.

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After App Review. So I am going to select July 1 here in the date drop-down. And this is based on my local date and time, just so you know that when you are setting that up for your app.

Manage Beta Testing in iTunes Connect

In this tutorial, I will walk you through the beta test process using TestFlight. At the time of this writing, you can only arrange beta test for internal users only.

Can't submit app to iTunes Connect with Sierra - George Garside

If you try to submit an app to iTunes Connect which has built with the Mac App Store's Xcode 6.4, which is currently not in beta, using the iOS 8 SDK, also not in beta, you can add the build but you can't submit the app for review.

Average App Store Review Times

Just post to Twitter or with the time it took for your last app review and include one of the hash tags (see above) along with a number of days. Just the hash tag and “X days” is all that is needed at a minimum but including the app name/link is also good.

iOS 8: Beta Testing With TestFlight | Step 3: iTunes Connect

Beta App Review. There's one caveat though.

Tutorials ios: TestFlight Beta Testing Guidelines

TestFlight Beta Testing Guidelines. 1. First thing to note is that test flight approval does not mean final iTunes app approval. 2. The time Apple takes to review test

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