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  1. James William "Jimmy "Johnson is a contestant from Survivor: Nicaragua. A retired NFL Coach...

    James William "Jimmy "Johnson is a contestant from Survivor: Nicaragua. A retired NFL Coach, Johnson was the most recognizable castaway on his season. However, his leadership over the tribe was seen as a threat, leading to his early elimination. Retrieved from CBS.com.


  2. Jimmy Johnson, 'Survivor' Contestant! | HuffPost

    • Former NFL coach Jimmy Johnson is to take part in this upcoming season of the reality show, Survivor", according to ESPN.


  3. How Fame Helped Jimmy Johnson Play Survivor - Today's News: Our Take | TVGuide.com

    Jimmy Johnson. From the day Jimmy Johnson was announced as one of the castaways on Survivor: Nicaragua, the longtime football coach and sports commentator was seen as a target for...


  4. Jimmy Johnson ('Survivor: Nicaragua') | Digital Spy

    • Carrying over his real-life role as coach, Jimmy Johnson immediately took on the task of motivating his fellow Espada tribe members when things got tough on Survivor: Nicaragua.


  5. Survivor's Jimmy Johnson on His Biggest Regret and Why He Liked Playing on the Old Team - Today's News: Our Take | TVGuide.com

    Survivor: Nicaragua, Jimmy Johnson. Jimmy Johnson -- the most famous person to ever play Survivor and Season 21's oldest contestant -- was seen as a threat by the men and voted off in just...


  6. How much is Jimmy Johnson making on Survivor

    • Jimmy Johnson was the third contestant voted out of the game. According to the Survivor Applicant Agreement, he probably made around $4,000 for appearing on the show.


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    • Jimmy Johnson on Survivor. Share. Tweet. Email.
    • Survivor Photos, Survivor Season 21 Episode 1 Photos. Related Posts


  8. Complete scores, statistics, and pictures from Jimmy Johnson's performance on Survivor: Nicaragua.

    • -- Jimmy Johnson - Pictures. Survivor: Nicaragua image gallery.
    • Kate Stanhope at TVGuide.com (9/9/10): "How Fame Helped Jimmy Johnson Play Survivor".


  9. 'Survivor' Interview: Jimmy Johnson on his Great 'Survivor' Adventure

    • Jimmy Johnson was straight with everybody from day one, and that probably led to his downfall.
    • When asked about his Survivor experience, Jimmy J. said


  10. Jimmy Johnson, Survivor's most famous contestant, talks to the media, a bad precedent – reality blurred

    • In a very atypical move yesterday, CBS held a conference call for the media with former NFL coach Jimmy Johnson, who is a cast member on Survivor Nicaragua.