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The JML 21 mm from JML Optical, a superb extreme macro lens


JML Optical 21mm f/3.5 Review. by Johan J Ingles-Le Nobel Last updated May 20, 2016.

Jml optical 21mm F3.5 макро объектив | eBay


JML Optical 56mm f/1.9 Lens From Oscilloscope Camera.

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eBay. Покупки по категориям. Введите ключевое слово для поиска. The JML 21 mm from JML Optical, a superb extreme macro lens.

jml optical 21mm f/3.5 ebay


JML Optical 21mm F/3.5 Lens in Видео и фототехника, Объективы и фильтры, Объективы | eBay.

jml optical 21mm f 3 5 ebay


Top: The lens used here: JML Optical 21mm f3.5 bought for $10 on eBay. Middle: I used the mount from a slaughtered M39 lens (described here), some layers of tape and a M39 -> Nikon F adapter to mount it on the Nikon PB-6 bellows.

Lenses not designed for photomacrography, but good for this application.


A small stock of the JML 26 mm f/4.5 was available for a while on eBay, and also proved quite good, although not as good as the 21 mm.

jml optical 21mm f 3 5


JML оптический 21mm F3.5 объектив макро | eBay.

Ultra Rare Ultra Macro – JML Optics 21mm f/3.5 & JML Optics 20X


These are two of the most difficult lenses to find and I've been after them for a while. Both finally landed on my doorstop yesterday!! Very excited to begin testing them! Here's the JML Optics 21mm f/3.5 (with M42 adapter): (more HERE).

JML Optics 21mm f/3.5 THIRTYFIVEMILL


Published March 9, 2016 at 1024 × 726 in JML Optics 21mm f/3.5.

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Nikon D300S ,JML Optical 21mm f/3.5 1/60s 75-stack iso125 full exif.


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