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  1. wiki:treegrid - jqGrid Wiki

    • This array set the icons used in the tree.
    • We are currently having a difficult time trying to auto expand a jqGrid treegrid to the 3rd level of the tree so that all children are visible.


  2. custom icons in jqgrid treegrid - Stack Overflow

    If the grid id for example is "treegrid", then the id of the toppager will be "treegrid_toppager". The pager will hold tree parts: left, center and right.


  3. treegrid - Jqgrid Tree View Adjacencey - Stack Overflow

    • Browse other questions tagged jqgrid treegrid or ask your own question.
    • jqgrid tree reader not working. 0. custom icons in jqgrid treegrid.


  4. TreeGrid - Guriddo jqGrid JS | collapseNode( record ) Collapse the node at specified record - set expanded field to false and and toggle the icon to collapsed.

    • When implemented the Guriddo jqGrid TreeGrid can look like this: Options¶.
    • This object set the icons used in the tree.


  5. jquery - jqgrid treegrid custom css-class for each tree-level - Stack Overflow

    In the same way you can change icons on any other level. Below you find the most important parts of the code from my demo: Var $grid = $("#treegrid"), orgExpandNode = $.fn.jqGrid.expandNode...


  6. jqgrid treegrid tree icons

    • Следующая статья — «TreeGrid Nested Set Model в jqGrid». ...
    • custom icons in jqgrid treegrid. 2012-02-29 21:35 varaprakash imported from Stackoverflow.


  7. jqgrid treegrid custom icons

    • custom icons in jqgrid treegrid 在jqgrid TreeGrid自定义图标. It seems Pager functionality is currently disabled for treegrid.


  8. jQuery Grid Plugin - jqGridForum | Sample XML and icons within treegrid/jqGrid?

    • 2) I doubt it’s possible, as the docs don’t mention it, but how about allowing images/icons within treegrid/jqGrid cells?


  9. jqgrid treegrid custom css-class for each tree-level - jquery - jqgrid - treegrid - TechQA

    • First of all I should mention, that TreeGrid supports individual icons for leafs out-of-the-box.
    • There are no simple way to change the icons per jqGrid configuration, but you can implement the...


  10. Настройка TreeGrid в jqGrid — urvanov.ru

    • Настройка TreeGrid в jqGrid. Цикл статей «Документация jqGrid на русском».
    • Значения по умолчанию: {plus:'ui-icon-triangle-1-e',minus:'ui-icon-triangle-1-s',leaf:'ui-icon-radio-off'}.