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This array set the icons used in the tree.

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If the grid id for example is "treegrid", then the id of the toppager will be "treegrid_toppager". The pager will hold tree parts: left, center and right.

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I recommend you to use treeGridModel: "adjacency". In the case the names of the hidden columns will be: Level, parent, isLeaf, expanded, loaded, icon.

custom icons in jqgrid treegrid - Stack Overflow

custom icons in jqgrid treegrid. 2012-02-29 21:35 varaprakash imported from Stackoverflow.

JQGrid-Treegrid : Remove icon from leaf nodes

I am using JQGrid treegrid. I want to remove icon from the leaf node (The default icon for JQGrid-Treegrid leaf node looks like a small radio button and my manager didn't like it).

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But I would like to add some custom icons like export icon, refresh

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Настройка TreeGrid в jqGrid. Цикл статей «Документация jqGrid на русском».

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jqGrid is an Ajax-enabled JavaScript control that provides solutions for representing and

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jqGrid TreeGrid with JSON. The example below shows how to use TreeGrid using jqGrid with JSON. index.html.

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