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This array set the icons used in the tree. The icons should be a valid names from UI theme roller images.

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In the case the names of the hidden columns will be: Level, parent, isLeaf, expanded, loaded, icon. In case of treeGridModel: 'nested' there are lft and rgt instead of parent column. Because every item of the tree (root nodes and all subitems)...

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In the demo I just changed the icons of the top-level tree nodes. In the same way you can change icons on any other level. Below you find the most important parts of the code from my demo: Var $grid = $("#treegrid"), orgExpandNode = $.fn.jqGrid.expandNode, orgCollapseNode...

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treegrid").jqGrid({. url: 'tree.json'

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View File Tree. Find Similar Files. jquery-ui-bootstrap /third-party/jqGrid/jqGrid/src/grid.treegrid.js.

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Другое свойство, которое может быть изменено, это tree_root_level. По умолчанию оно имеет значение 0. Это свойство указывает, какой уровень имеет корневой элемент.

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ntsitm234070:gist youichikato$ cat treegrid.html.

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jqGrid is an Ajax-enabled JavaScript control that provides solutions for representing and manipulating tabular data on the web.

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2) jqGrid и SQL деревья Для того, чтобы jqGrid могла работать с древовидными структурами, она должна быть загружена с модулем Tree Grid.

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