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  1. Codebrain Blog | Google Maps UK Postcode Selector with jQuery

    • I've put together a web-based UK postcode selector using the KML features of Google Maps and jQuery: Preview the page and download the project zip (231kb). Firstly, I should give a little background on the UK postal addressing system.


  2. Google Карти


  3. jquery google maps uk postcode

    • 4 фев 2016 ... Если вы хотите использовать ключ Google Maps API для мониторинга или ... Это может быть связано с конфликтом JQuery и mootools в некоторых .... But as for example for Great Britain is GB, not UK ..... Примечание: postcode и zipcode...


  4. A complete list of London postcodes with their longitude and latitude and OS coordinates

    • GB Postcodes. UK postcode districts.
    • Google Maps.
    • JQuery zoomable plugin. Transparent label. Exception logger for .NET.


  5. Google Maps Postcode To Destination Working Example

    • Chris Gave This Code. Google Maps being used to find directions to a destination from your entered postcode you will need to change the preset post code.
    • www.codecaven.co.uk 5.00 out of 5 based on 2 ratings. 2 user reviews. My Skills: PHP 5. JavaScript. Jquery.


  6. Murray Picton | Free UK Postcode Lookup Using the Google Maps API

    • Google Maps has a well know API that can be used for great things. The most common one of course – putting a map on your website and placing markers to show where things are.
    • It’s this web service functionality that will provide us with free UK postcode lookup, something you normally have to pay...


  7. distance between 2 postcodes javascript, jquery, google-maps, geocoding, JavaScript :CssHtmlJs.com

    • javascript, jquery, google-maps, geocoding, I am using Google Maps API to get the distance between 2 UK postcodes. var yourPostcode = $("#YourPostcode").val(); var restaurantPostcode = $("#Postcode").val(); var point1 =.


  8. Map of the UK where you can see the locations of all area level / out code postcodes

    • UK Postcode Map. Search For Location
    • 16th January 2012 : Version 5. Now uses Google Maps API V3. Full Screen Option. Search Facility.


  9. GB Postcodes | Click to view map

    • GB Postcodes. UK postcode districts.
    • JQuery zoomable plugin.
    • Here you can view maps of postcode areas and individual postcodes with local information and download the data for use in Excel and Google Earth.


  10. Geocoding UK Postcodes with Google Map API - Tom Anthony

    • Tom in All Posts, APIs/Mashups, Web | March 4, 2007. Geocoding UK Postcodes with Google Map API. Notice: As a few people have pointed out, this announcement from Google means Geocoding is now built in.