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I am trying to get the data from all the rows but fetched class by class i.e. one class may have 2 td and others may have more. so I would like to group them in my result

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When you create your table, put your td with class = "Quantity". So.

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If this row then has a certain class I will ignore this row and select the previous one. This would then be cycled through from the end of the table until a row was found without this certain class. I figured it's probably involving a for loop, a check for the row class and then JQuery's row.prev method, but...

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<table id='tablePlanning' class='tablesorter'> <thead> <.

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JavaScript DHTML. jQuery. Table. Use for each function to loop through table row.

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So you want to loop through some elements using JQuery. Me too!

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else { echo 'could not load projects table'; } ?> Now the code I'm using currently to get this data looks like this. jQuery.

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