Help with the 2.1 update [PROBLEM SOLVED] - LG GT540 Optimus

22:22:18 : Extract kdz file. 22:23:59 : kdz decrypt Success.

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i had this same thing happen... 23:48:17 : Start fn_StartUpgrade 23:48:17 : Extract kdz file 23:48:19 : kdz decrypt Success 23:48:20 : Extract file Success.

[ROM KDZ] L7 - V10K_00 Stock | ROOT | CWM | … | LG Optimus...

As the rooted from the P700 (L7) is expensive since left the V10K ROM, I've been given turns the issue rooted, wanted that it would be easy for the uninitiated in the field, and at the end tube success.

How to: Flash big KDZ files – LG Optimus G, GK...

But while trying to flash high-end quad-core LG phones with KDZ Updater, you will be stuck at “extract file error” while KDZ Updater tries to extract the necessary files. For flashing these > 1.2 GB KDZ files, you need to adapt a different approach as mentioned below

kdz decrypt success Extract file success LGmobile DL load Port...

kdz decrypt success Extract file success LGmobile DL load Port = -1 Connection check start Port (or deivice) Not Found! Finish All TEST. Help me please!

Extract files from KDZ – myverysite

A/To extract *.KDZ file into *.fls and *.bin .

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Make sure Type is set to 3GQCT and phone mode to DIAG. Select your KDZ file and click Normal web upgrade test и 20. Click on Upgrade Start

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Flash it with kdz when having cyanogenmod on it to put the stock ics back and the phone is stuck on lg logo. 23:03:39 : Start fn_StartUpgrade 23:03:39 : Extract kdz file 23:03:59 : kdz decrypt Success 23:04:03 : Extract file Success.

net dll not found kdz

05:15:09 : kdz decrypt Success.

Software update kdz extract file error

Help. updater windows updater.exe update windows 10. software update in KDZ but I get Extract File Error. de error (kdz decrypt error, extract file.

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