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  1. [Q] Kdz updater "Extract file error&quo… | LG Optimus G (International) | Forum

    • I am using the kdz file around 960 MB. Some users says use less than 1GB kdz file will remove the error. if 960MB file gives extracting error. corrupt download, do it again!


  2. lg e975 kdz extract file error

    • Kdz file extracted extract file error. scencontollna.hol.es.
    • "File Extract Error" means .kdz unpacking went wrong. hmm mayve it is a bad kdz. do you know where i can find another one? i tried one from the LG tool i found on here and one mirror.


  3. kdz extract file error e975

    • 7 окт 2013 ... И так если у вас есть необходимость прошить свой LG KDZ прошивкой, но не знаете как? ... 23:20:42 : Extract file error.
    • Extractor of LG KDZ firmware archives. The feature is : Extract KDZ.


  4. How to: Flash big KDZ files – LG Optimus G, GK, G Pro, G2 and Others – Cell Rabta

    • For flashing low-end LG phones, you can use KDZ Updater for flashing KDZ files as described in our previous post here. But while trying to flash high-end quad-core LG phones with KDZ Updater, you will be stuck at “extract file error” while KDZ Updater tries to extract the necessary files.


  5. KDZ ERROR "File Extract Error." &q… | LG Optimus G (International) | Forum

    • KDZ gives me this error. "File Extract Error." "Finished" any help on how to fix the KDZ error. or if i can remove the superSU another way?
    • "File Extract Error" means .kdz unpacking went wrong.


  6. KDZ ERROR "File Extract Error." &q… - Pg. 5 | LG Optimus G (International) | Forum

    • Same problem for my Korean F180L, every KDZ I've downloaded on various internet connections and computers shows this KDZ extract file error.
    • So - any news regarding flashing the bigger KDZ files? (Korean or European) Thanks!


  7. kdz extract file error 1gb

    • "KDZ Extract File Error. " resultados de la búsqueda relacionados.
    • [Q] Kdz updater "Extract file error&quo… | LG Optimus G (International). forum.xda-developers.com. I am using the kdz file around 960 MB.


  8. LG F180K KDZ [extract file error] | LG Optimus G (International) | Forum

    • 19:25:16 Unpacking KDZ 19:25:42 KDZ file extracted 19:25:43 Extract file error. And i dont know what to do with it. I'm doing all strictly to instructions How to unbrick LG Optimus G. I downloaded and installed usb modem.


  9. [Q] Unbricking LG Optimus G e975 - using LGN… | LG Optimus G (International) | Forum

    • A ROM file which can be installed using TWRP from TeenyBin recovery without verification errors on zip or phone assertion, or.
    • At the point where KDZ file is extracted the phone reverts from download mode to recovery which is probably why it fails.


  10. Kdz file extract error

    • Kdz file extract error. LINK TO POST COPIED TO CLIPBOARD Contact Us; What is this? This is a utility to extract the new format KDZ files that LG distributes, specifically the 'compressed' ones. KDZ Extractor file extensions KDZ file: Kaspersky Anti-virus Database. navossoc : for his tool that...