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  1. Assessing a Cockerel’s Temperament with Children

    • Keeping chickens is generally a low risk hobby but at some point you may decide to get a cockerel and if you have children, I cannot emphasise enough how important it is to assess his temperament.


  2. Keeping Noisy Roosters & Cockerels Quiet

    • Cockerels, or roosters, are indeed noisy.
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  3. Ten Questions to Answer Before Keeping Chickens | Keeping Chickens: A Beginners Guide

    • 2. Do I have enough time to keep chickens? Although chickens are less demanding than some animals, they still need care and will take up your time.
    • 9. Do I need a cockerel?


  4. Noise Problems with Chickens, Noisy Cockerels - The Poultry Pages

    • Noisy Cockerels looks at the problem of noise when keeping chickens at home and how you can reduce this noise problem with chickens.


  5. Should I buy a Cockerel for my Hens? | The Chickens Section

    • Cockerels are essential when breeding chickens but there are also disadvantages to keeping a cockerel, the most obvious being the crowing.


  6. Cornish Rock Cross Chicken (cockerels)

    • Chick Shipping and Handling chart. Cornish Rock Cross Chicken (cockerels).
    • I keep them longer, about 11 weeks. They all dressed out around 9 to 11 lbs!


  7. Stopping Noise Problems with Cockerels, Crowing Hens! | Poultry Pages

    • First of all it's a method of keeping his flock together. In the wild, chickens are floor and low-level... Noise Problems with Chickens, Noisy Cockerels.


  8. chickens | Am I allowed to keep poultry?

    • Keeping Chickens. Accessibility & Translation Maps.
    • If the cockerel is kept in a darkened hen house and let out later in the morning this can delay early morning crowing.


  9. Keeping Flocks Of Chickens Together Over Winter

    • Show Navigation Hide Navigation. Chickens.
    • Keeping Cockerels Together Over Winter. Tim Daniels 1st November 2009 Blog.


  10. keeping chickens cockerels

    • Advice on keeping cockerels and chickens. Noise complaints from crowing cockerels are more frequent during the spring and summer months due to the longer daylight hours.