Keeping chickens and cockerels

Keeping chickens at a residential property does not require a licence from Suffolk Coastal District Council.

Keeping Cockerels | Keeping Chickens

We are surrounded by chicken keeping neighbours, so perhaps for us the problem wouldn’t be so bad; but some people seem to object to the ‘noise’ of a cockerel crowing.

Advice on keeping cockerels and chickens

Advice on keeping cockerels and chickens. Noise complaints from crowing cockerels are more frequent during the spring and summer months due to the longer daylight hours.

Assessing a Cockerel’s Temperament with Children

Keeping chickens is generally a low risk hobby but at some point you may decide to get a cockerel and if you have children, I cannot emphasise enough how important it is to assess his temperament.

Jamie Oliver - what the law says about keeping cockerels | Forum

There is no National Law about keeping chickens or cockerels in a residential area, unless it is a commercial enterprise.

Keeping Noisy Roosters & Cockerels Quiet

Cockerels, or roosters, are indeed noisy.

24 Responses to Ten Questions to Answer Before Keeping Chickens

This initial set-up is the most expensive part of chicken-keeping, but your chickens will be depending on you to provide them with a safe and healthy environment.

Keeping Chickens at Home - How many chickens should I keep?

Keeping Chickens at Home - How many chickens should I keep? Before you think of how many chickens and

Allotment Heaven: Ten top tips to chuckling chicks

So here’s an easy guide to why you should keep chickens (or hens or cockerels), how to look after chickens and keep them healthy.

what-to-do-with-unwanted-cockerels - BackYard Chickens Community

Yikes, one of my chicks is a cockerel! What do I do?

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