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  1. Kivik Sofa Covers - Beautiful Custom Slipcovers | Comfort Works

    • Kivik 3 Seater Sofa Cover. Kivik Armrest Protectors.
    • The Kivik series includes the 1 seater, 2 seater, 3 seater, chaise lounge, footstool and sofa bed. Comfort Works offers Snug fit (as per original covers) or Long skirt options for your Kivik.


  2. Stretch Sofa Cover Kivik model Nervion - sofacoversjm.co.uk

    • A very practical cover made from quality elastic fabric to fit your sofa Model made to adapt to Kivik Ikea sofa and other similar shape sofas Practical and adaptable, covers your favourite sofa for a better protection Available in a wide range of colours to find the one that you are looking for.


  3. Kivik Sofa Bed Cover - Beautiful Custom Slipcovers | Comfort Works

    299 €. The Kivik Sofa Bed slipcover set includes covers for 2 back cushions, 2 seat cushions, 1 long base cushion, 1 front base and 1 for main body made up of back frame and armrests. This set does not include covers for the mattress / bed itself.


  4. kivik sofa cover uk

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    • Kivik Sofa Bed Cover Bemz. Kivik Sofa Covers Beautiful Custom Slipcovers Fort Works.


  5. IKEA Kivik Sofa Guide and Resource Page | Comfort Works Blog & Design Inspirations

    • Because the Kivik covers are individually covered (armrest has a cover, body frame has a cover, etc), you wouldn’t need to buy any new covers for the formation of the sofa 🙂. Hope this helps!


  6. Sofab faith chaise sofa - single sofa bed chair uk basketball

    • sofab faith chaise sofa Rhys delivers excellence in upholstery kivik sofa cover uk cleaning in the Southern suburbs of Melbourne; The Kensington 3 Seater Chesterfield Sofa is available in our Classic Antique Leather, offering you 10 great antique leathers to choose from


  7. Transform your Ikea Kivik sofa with a new cover

    • Browse over 100 fireproof machine washable Ikea Kivik sofa covers with 2 years warranty.
    • Our covers fully comply with UK fire safety requirements, so they are suitable for both domestic use (fire safe but also kids & pets friendly) and rental properties.


  8. Bemz review of IKEA Kivik sofa - Bemz

    • Modern and spacious, IKEA’s Kivik sofa is the perfect canvas to make a statement. Read this review then learn how to give yours the style it deserves with a Bemz cover.


  9. Kivik 3 Seater Long Skirt Sofa Cover - Beautiful Custom Slipcovers | Comfort Works

    • The Kivik 3-Seater sofa covers won't fit the sofabed, so check your sofa's measurements to confirm which model you have. Do you have the Kivik 2 seater or 3 seater sofa? They look very similar, both having 2 back and 2 seat cushions.


  10. Kivik Chaise Lounge Cover - Beautiful Custom Slipcovers | Comfort Works

    • sofa covers.
    • The Kivik Chaise Lounge slipcover set includes covers for 1 back cushion, 1 seat cushion and 1 for the main body. Velcro on the end of the slipcover helps fasten to the underside of the frame for a snug fit.