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  1. [Q] Kdz updater "Extract file error&quo… | LG Optimus G (International) | Forum

    • Hello I'm trying to flash the original firmware to my optimus g(E 975).But i keep getting the same error.
    • no, I have checked the kdz file and redownload it again. It is around 960 MB. After extracting, the file reached above 1GB. My problem is the driver, I installed the latest LG USB driver 3.10.1...


  2. KDZ ERROR "File Extract Error." &q… | LG Optimus G (International) | Forum

    • KDZ gives me this error. "File Extract Error." "Finished" any help on how to fix the KDZ error. or if i can remove the superSU another way?
    • I got a LG Optimus G Pro F240L from south korea and it is stuck in download mode. Everytime I use KDZ updater I got the same error: Extract File Error.


  3. [guide] new lg flashtool for kdz 1gb or great… | LG Optimus G (International) | Forum

    • My Devices: LG Optimus G (International), Xiaomi Redmi Note 3. Less.
    • i flashed v10D kdz of India. It showed me file extract error and it continued after that. first time but very strange as it successfully flashed the complete file.


  4. LG F180K KDZ [extract file error] | LG Optimus G (International) | Forum

    • 19:25:16 Unpacking KDZ 19:25:42 KDZ file extracted 19:25:43 Extract file error. And i dont know what to do with it. I'm doing all strictly to instructions How to unbrick LG Optimus G. I downloaded and installed usb modem.


  5. [Q] Kdz updater "Extract file error&quo… - Pg. 2 | LG Optimus G (International) | Forum

    • Optimus G E973 (Canada) Android Development. Optimus G Themes and Apps.
    • Snapdragon Gallery Gets Ported to the OnePlus 5. July 27, 2017. Calibrate your LG G4 Display with KPPD Control Panel.


  6. How to: Flash big KDZ files – LG Optimus G, GK, G Pro, G2 and Others – Cell Rabta

    • For flashing low-end LG phones, you can use KDZ Updater for flashing KDZ files as described in our previous post here. But while trying to flash high-end quad-core LG phones with KDZ Updater, you will be stuck at “extract file error” while KDZ
    • How to: Convert F180 S/K/L to E975 – LG Optimus G.


  7. [How-To][Tool] Extracting *.KDZ into *.DZ fi… | LG Optimus 4X HD | Forum

    • A/To extract *.KDZ file into *.DZ . Q/Why should I extract it ?? A/To let you use lg flash tool , it is very useful for unbrick uses .
    • - navossoc For his file ''LGExtract.exe'' (At LG-Optimus Black Forum) . When tried to flash extracted DZ and dll file, flash tool gives an error!


  8. Secure Booting Error! Cause: boot certificat… | LG Optimus G Pro | Forum

    • Hello all, LG Optimus G Pro user here (LG-F240S). I recently rooted my phone, then used Gomdol's tool, which roots the phone and installs CWM
    • I have also downloaded the stock firmware, and tried the KDZ_FW_UPD application to flash the stock firmware, which also did not work (Extract File Error).


  9. [TOOL] All-In-One ToolKit v6.0 |KDZ FLASH|RO… | LG Optimus 2x | Forum

    • 5 - Extract LG KDZ and/or AP.bin file.
    • Fixes the nvflash configuration file error: file not found In option 4, which happens if error occurs and user presses any key to retry.


  10. [Tool][python] LG Compressed KDZ Extractor | Android Development and Hacking | Forum

    • This is a utility to extract the new format KDZ files that LG distributes, specifically the 'compressed' ones.
    • My Devices: AT&T LG Optimus G, LG Optimus G Pro, LG G2, AT&T LG G3, T-Mobile LG G4
    • Error: Unsupported KDZ file format." ^ SyntaxError: invalid syntax. Not sure what's happening...