Best Actors Under 20: List of Young Actresses in Their Teens

Here's a list of up and coming young actors and actresses that have the potential to be the next big stars. This list includes the best teenage male and female stars under 20 - new celebrities already recognized for their work in film and TV.

20 Under 20 (Up and Coming Young Actresses)

But we’ve already done hot women over 40 and TV’s hottest moms. So how about a list of up and coming young actresses. A 20 under 20 if you will.

hot teenage actresses under 20 - (3)

Best Actors Under 20: List of Young Actresses in Their Teens.

20 Young Actors/Actresses under 30 – Trespass Magazine

There are plenty of impressive and talented actors under 30- Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Jake Gyllenhaal, Natalie Portman etc… but the purpose of this list is to look at

IMDb: Talented young Actors and Actresses under 20 - a list...

Actress, Hardhome. Sophie Turner was born in Northampton in England and grew up in Warwick. She attended Kings High School there and was a member of a local theatre group from a young age.

Top 10 Actors And Actresses Under 20 - Fame10

And the young people on this list…?

20 Hot Male Actors Under 20 For 2015 |

Young actors are hitting our silver screens harder than ever these days and it seems you can go more than a couple of days without hearing about some new child star.

Top 30 Hottest Japanese Young Actresses [ 20-11 ]

30 Hottest Japanese Young Actors - Top 20... In our freshman year, we mixed popular idols with talented movie actors - not really something to be upset about since the idols on the hitlist are not bad actors... In fact, most of them are great... Japan's Best Actresses: The Hottest List [2015 Edition...

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Best Young Actors/Actresses 18 item list by Snoopy 16 votes 1 comment. A Pictorial Tribute Of: Jodelle Ferland 69 item list by Magnisphyricon 8 votes.

IMDB Names Top 20 Under 20 | Cambio, the hub for anything movie and TV related, is celebrating it's 20th year. In honor of the anniversary, they are doing some top 20 countdowns, including their Top 20 Under 20. It's a list of young actors and actresses,...

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