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Actresses Who Were Hot at 25. Native American Ancestry. The Hottest French Women of All Time.

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Grace Phipps (born May 4, 1992) is an American actress, best known for her roles as "Amy Martin" in the television series, The Nine Lives of Chloe King and "April Young" in The Vampire Diaries.

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Best Young Actors/Actresses 18 item list by Snoopy 16 votes 1 comment. A Pictorial Tribute Of: Jodelle Ferland 69 item list by Magnisphyricon 8 votes. pretty & young : part 2 86 item list by rona sweetlove 24 votes 1 comment.

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There is so much up-and-coming acting talent in Korea that it's incredible! Many actors are taking on challenging roles from a young age and wowing audiences with their skills. Here are 25 Korean actors under the age of 25 (in no particular order)...

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...verge of an award-caliber future—she surely has the necessary potential, like all the up-and-coming thespians included on our list of The 25 Best Hollywood Actors Under 25 .

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When we set out to create a list of the most prominent young Asian Americans, it started, like most of our stories do, with a staff chat.

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