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IMDb: Young Actresses (2015) - a list by Victoria Johnson

A list of young actors as of 2015.

Actress List - Young Actress Reviews

Reviews of movies with notable young actress performances. Actress List.

Hollywoods Most Popular Young Actresses | H popular lists

List of the most popular young actresses in Hollywood and starlets working in TV and film, including female stars like Emma Watson, Leighton Meester, and Ashley Greene.

Best Young Actresses Under 30 - Top Ten List -

VocalMimzy This is a list of the best young actresses of today. I define that to be actresses under 30. Who are the actresses in the teens or twenties that you are truly impressed with?

Top 30 Hottest Japanese Young Actresses [ 30-21 ]

Finally our list of the hottest Japanese young actresses. The first 10 names after the jump! More often cast in supporting roles, Eiko Koike (33) takes the last spot on the list.

List of pornographic actresses by decade - Wikipedia, the free...

This is a list of notable pornographic actresses listed by the decade in which they made their debut.

Hollywood's Top Young Actresses | Gunaxin Media

For purposes of this list, we will define young as anyone under thirty years old. So here they are, the Top Ten Young Actresses of Hollywood, let’s take a look at these young stars of today and the future

20 Under 20 (Up and Coming Young Actresses) | The Midwest TV Guys

So how about a list of up and coming young actresses. A 20 under 20 if you will. To be on the list, the actress must have at least appeared in 1 episode of a TV show other than a talk show to promote...

20 Young Actors/Actresses under 30 – Trespass Magazine

...Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Jake Gyllenhaal, Natalie Portman etc… but the purpose of this list is to look at some rising stars, focusing on young actors/actresses who have had some interesting parts...

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