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Kidnapps, torture and extremist attacks infringe on human rights worldwide. - Very brutal torture (Warning graphic)

SYRIA: Torture, despair and dehumanization in Tadmur Military Prison. - Redefining the Media

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Animated Torture Methods Through History. Dear goodness humans can be nasty to each other. - Redefining the Media

Detainees in an assad crime dynasty torture centre use a makeshift battering ram in an attempt to escape: Hamah Governorate. - Redefining the Media

Please don't torture each other too much. My girlfriend and I are heading to the b.

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Torture video liveleak. Recent Title Views. Subscribe. - Torture Syria: - - Torture Syria: These videos are of inmates from Gharz prison in Daraa that have obvious sign of torture on their bodies.

18+ Liveleak - Obama regime's FSA 'rebels' torture Syrian citizens...

The Syrian Soldier That Was Kidnapped And Tortured By FSA_ Syria War 2013.

Liveleak syria torture

As t.. Liveleak syria torture. Warning - Item Shabiha terrorist seriously torture a syrian civilian to death(18+ Very Graphic) might contain content that is not suitable for all ages.

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