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LMx58-N Low-Power, Dual-Operational Amplifiers


The LM358 and LM2904 are available in a chip sized package (8-Bump DSBGA) using TI's DSBGA package technology. Device Information(1).

LM358 | General-Purpose Op Amps | Description & parametrics


Download a datasheet or document on TIs LM358Operational Amplifiers (Op Amps), from the General-Purpose Op Ampscollection of analog and digital product folders.#

Low Power Dual Operational | LM358 Min Typ Max


The LM358 and LM2904 are available in a chip sized pack-age (8-Bump micro SMD) using National’s micro SMD pack-age technology. Unique Characteristics. n In the linear mode the input...

Описание и применение операционного усилителя LM358.... | joyta.ru


Описание операционного усилителя LM358. Область применения — в качестве усилительного преобразователя, в схемах преобразования постоянного напряжения...

LM358 - Wikipedia


The LM358 is a low power dual operational amplifier integrated circuit originally introduced by National Semiconductor. It is used in detector circuits. The abbreviation LM358 indicates an 8-pin integrated circuit, comprising two operational amplifiers at low power.

LM2904, LM358/LM358A, LM258


The LM2904,LM358/LM358A, LM258/LM258A consist of two independent, high gain, internally frequency compensated operational amplifiers which were designed specifically to operate from a...



LM358. Linear integrated circuit.

Аналоги для lm358 - Аналоги - Приднестровский портал...


Аналоги для lm358 - Аналоги, Поиск аналогов микросхем и транзисторов.

LM358 microphone amplifier | Low voltage. Mostly harmless...


LM358 sound sensor performance. As in the LM386 mic amp setup, V_OUT_UC is connected to Arduino’s A0 pin and the Min-Max sketch is uploaded.

Performing Experiments With LM358


1. IC LM358- LM358 consists of two independent, high gain operational amplifiers in one package.

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