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The look and say teaching method, also known as the whole word method, was invented in the 1830s and soon became a popular method for teaching reading. By the 1930s and 1940s there was a very strong focus on teaching children to read by this method.

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look and say noun (education). A method of teaching reading, whereby the pupil is trained to recognize words at a glance, and say them, rather than articulate the letters of the word one by one. • • • Main Entry: ↑look.

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look-and-say — lookˈ and sayˈ adjective • • • Main Entry: ↑look * * * n. [as adj.] denoting a method of teaching reading based on the visual recognition of words rather than by the association of sounds and letters.

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So, how can it be that, for nearly all of the past four decades or so, our state-run left-wing dominated educational establishments in the UK and USA have chosen to teach most of our children to read and write using the Look-Say method that specifically disregards the relationships between letters and...

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The “look say” method also known as the wholeword, sight method, or configurational reading is a ‘spatial-holistic’ method to learn a language.



This look-and-say method of “teaching” is to me so absurd that even now I am handicapped when describing it by sheer incre-dulity. At its heart is the denial of any one-to-one relationship between a single letter of the alphabet and a single noise.

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look-say method. a method of teaching beginners to read by memorizing and recognizing whole words, rather than by associating letters with sounds. also look-and-say method. Link/Cite. Menu.

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A "look say" method introduces rigidly selected vocabularies in progressive texts. Students memorize the appearance of words, or learn to recognize words by looking at the first and last letter. Students taught to read by the "look say" method are not taught to pronounce new words.

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