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In mathematics, the look-and-say sequence is the sequence of integers beginning as follows: 1, 11, 21, 1211, 111221, 312211, 13112221, 1113213211, ... (sequence A005150 in OEIS). To generate a member of the sequence from the previous member, read off the digits of the previous member...

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Look and say is a simple sequence generator: for example start with 1 and describe it as one one, which might be written 11 which in turn could be described as two

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The Look and say sequence is a recursively defined sequence of numbers studied most notably by John Conway. Sequence Definition. Take a decimal number. Look at the number, visually grouping consecutive runs of the same digit.

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Conway sequence — The Conway sequence is a sequence of numbers that originates using the Look and say sequence generator. The Conway sequence starts with 3 , described as one three , and written as 13 .

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Having trouble? x. Look-and-Say sequence generator. от Interest. Черновик.

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I'm a bit of a newbie with c. I've written the following program to generate a look-and-say sequence (Look-and-say sequence - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia). It should ask for a number and then generate that number of items...

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Write a “Look-and-Say Numbers” generator. 11. Point-free look and say sequence. 6.

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Look-and-Say Sequence. Submitted by James Yang on Sun, 10/05/2014 - 12:24.

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The look-and-say sequence was introduced and analyzed by John Conway in his paper "The Weird and Wonderful Chemistry of Audioactive Decay" published in Eureka 46, 5–18 in 1986.

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Look and Say Sequence. Definition. Rules For Creating The Sequence.

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