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  1. lost australian passport in new zealand

    • Lost British Passport, can I use NZ passport to enter UK I have recently lost my British Passport (have reported), I will be.
    • Damaged and faulty passports. lost australian passport in new zealand. jylyoi.kz.


  2. How can I renew my New Zealand Passport in Australia? | Forum

    • Hi I am a dual Australian & NZ passport holder.I have a valid Australian passport , but my NZ passport is expired 3 months ago.
    • My NZ passport is due for renewal Nov 2016 but I have lost contact with my past referee and I do not know anyone else with NZ passport.


  3. lost australian passport in nz

    • Australian Passports - When you have lost your Australian passport in New Zealand or need a new passport you can contact the passport section
    • Next, contact your nearest NZ Passport office or NZ Embassy, High Commission or Consulate and make a Declaration for a Lost or Stolen New Passport...


  4. lost nz passport in australia

    • Search passports.govt.nz. How can I renew my New Zealand Passport in Australia? | Forum.
    • Where an Australian parent has lost Australian citizenship before the birth of a child, the child is not eligible for Australian citizenship by descent.


  5. Adult – quick guide to renewing your passport (Australia or overseas)- Australian Passport Office

    • Lost and stolen passports.
    • Call the Australian Passport Information Service helpline on 131 232 to talk to an expert. Check Australia Post's website for information about passport agencies where you can lodge applications and pay fees.


  6. Welcome Page - Australian Passport Office

    • Report a lost, stolen or damaged passport.
    • Australians should be aware of passport scams that request people to scan and email their passport details, or to apply for a new passport at no cost because of a security breach.


  7. Children's passports- Australian Passport Office

    • Lost and stolen passports.
    • A child is defined in the Australian Passports Act 2005 as a person under 18 years of age who has never married. Children cannot be included in an adult's passport.


  8. Lost, stolen or damaged passport | New Zealand Passports

    • Search passports.govt.nz.
    • If your passport has been stolen, lost or damaged and you need to travel today or within 2 days it’s best to call us straight away. 0800 22 50 50 (NZ only).


  9. Lost, stolen or damaged passport | SafeTravel

    • People requiring assistance in those countries should go to www.passports.govt.nz for further information on applying for a standard New Zealand passport. If your passport has been lost or stolen overseas, you should


  10. Application for a | Use the Adult Renewal form if you are 16 years or over, and your name has not changed since your previous passport was issued and your previous passport is not lost, stolen or damaged.

    • 9 Declaration for a lost, stolen or damaged passport, or other New Zealand travel document.
    • The international courier fee is available on the Fee Sheet included with this application form or visit www.passports.govt.nz or phone one of the numbers above.