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Virginia has explained the literal meaning of lost in translation. It is also used in common venacular to mean that the listener didn't understand what had been said, eg due to a different perspective on life rather than a difference in native language.

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Lost in Translation Lyrics. I promise, if you spoke with Me, I'd talk with you, I'd listen I'd try to tell you, help you Understand, but words are missin'.

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Its when they translate something and the original meaning can not be perfectly translated word for into the other language. So they have to rephrase or say what they mean in a different way. Example: おげんきですか? (literal translation >> How is your health, are you healthy?)

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You can also use this expression more idiomatically to talk about the original meaning or other qualities of a work being lost or changed when adapted in another medium; for example, many novels get 'lost in translation' when they are...

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OpenGL “lost connection” Meaning. Answer ID 3007.

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...language, and sometimes translated back into the original language, and because of differences of the languages some of the original meaning is lost.

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"Lost in translation" literally means a word or phrase which, when translated from one language to another, loses so much of its nuance and/or connotation that its meaning, or the full sense of its meaning, is no longer discernible in the translated form.

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(idiomatic) Unable to understand due to having been poorly translated. I tried reading the instruction manual but many of the steps were unfortunately lost in translation. The message of the Japanese Prime Minister's speech was lost in translation.

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Lost in Translation is a 2003 American bittersweet romantic comedy film written and directed by Sofia Coppola. It was her second feature film after The Virgin Suicides (1999). It stars Bill Murray as aging actor Bob Harris, who befriends college graduate Charlotte (Scarlett Johansson) in a Tokyo hotel.

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