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Right-Hand Rules: A Guide to finding the Direction of the Magnetic Force. Fmagnetic - The force a magnetic field exerts on a moving charge.

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Rule 2 is for determining the direction of the magnetic force of an electric charge moving in a magnetic field.

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When the magnetic force relationship is applied to a current-carrying wire, the right-hand rule may be used to determine the direction of force on the wire. From the force relationship above it can be deduced that the units of magnetic field are Newton seconds /(Coulomb meter)...

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, (Equation 19.7: The magnetic force on a current-carrying wire) where is the angle between the current direction and the magnetic field. The direction of the force is given by a right-hand rule that follows the rule for charges.

Magnetic Fields | Fleming’s left-hand rule ('the motor rule')


In this, a radial magnetic field is produced between the pole-pieces of a magnet. The turns of the coil are at right angles to the field lines, so when a current passes through the coil it experiences a force to the right or left (by Fleming’s left-hand rule).

Forces on currents in magnetic fields


When the currents go opposite ways, the force is repulsive. You should be able to confirm this by looking at the magnetic field set up by one current at the location of the other wire, and by applying the right-hand rule.

Lorentz Force Law and Right Hand Rules | current


The right hand rule is applied when determining Lorentz force.

Right Hand Rule | Magnetic Field and a Current Loop


AP Physics – Magnetism 2. If a moving charge has a force exerted on it when it goes through a magnetic field, shouldn’t the force be even more impressive on a stream of particles, like an electric current flowing through a

Diagram 2: Force on a current in a magnetic field.


If an electric current passes through a magnetic field, the charges that make up the current will feel a force whose direction is given by a second right-hand rule: if you point your right index finger in the direction of the current and your middle finger in the direction of the magnetic field...

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The right hand rule is a way to predict the direction of a force in a magnetic field.

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