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  1. Right-hand Rules

    • Right-Hand Rules: A Guide to finding the Direction of the Magnetic Force. Fmagnetic - The force a magnetic field exerts on a moving charge.
    • When using the Right-Hand Rules, it is important to remember that the rules assume charges move in a conventional current (the hypthetical flow of...


  2. Using the Right-Hand Rule (article) | Khan Academy | Watch. Practice. Learn almost anything for free.

    • Diagram of moving charge, magnetic force, and magnetic field line on a hand making the right-hand rule gesture. Current in a wire.


  3. Magnetic forces | Right Hand Rule

    • When the magnetic force relationship is applied to a current-carrying wire, the right-hand rule may be used to determine the direction of force on the wire. From the force relationship above it can be deduced that the units of magnetic field are Newton seconds /(Coulomb meter)...


  4. Right Hand Rule | Magnetic Field and a Current Loop

    • AP Physics – Magnetism 2. If a moving charge has a force exerted on it when it goes through a magnetic field, shouldn’t the force be even more impressive on a stream of particles, like an electric current flowing through a
    • We can use the right hand rule to figure out the direction of the force.


  5. Right hand Rule - Physics Video by Brightstorm

    • The right hand rule is a way to predict the direction of a force in a magnetic field.
    • Alright now, there's two other right hand rules and these are associated with magnetic fields that come from currents so this is associated with something called the biosovart law or something called amperes...


  6. Fleming Left Hand rule and Fleming Right Hand rule | Electrical4u

    • Fleming Left Hand Rule. It is found that whenever an current carrying conductor is placed inside a magnetic field, a force acts on the conductor, in a direction perpendicular to both
    • This rule states "Hold out the right hand with the first finger, second finger and thumb at right angle to each other.


  7. Right hand rule | 1 Magnetic force on a wire Electric current M

    • Rule 1 is for determining the direction of the magnetic force on a current-carrying wire located in a region with a magnetic field due to some other source.
    • 3 Magnetic field Ftloop of circuit Electric current M in the circuit. This right-hand rule is different.


  8. Lorentz Force Law and Right Hand Rules | Lorentz force is the force experienced by a charge moving in an electromagnetic field.

    • The right hand rule is applied when determining Lorentz force. qv.
    • Begin by lining your thumb up with the current. Then rotate your hand to line your finger with the magnetic field. The direction of your palm is the direction of the force on the wire.


  9. Magnetic Fields | Right Hand Rule Number 2, cont.

    • Magnetic Field from Current, cont. Right-Hand Rule Number 1.
    • Comparing Electric and Magnetic Fields and Forces. Force on Moving Charge. Right Hand Rule Number 2.


  10. Answer to Essential Question 19.4 : The velocity selector works for negatively charged particles

    • , (Equation 19.7: The magnetic force on a current-carrying wire) where is the angle between the current direction and the magnetic field. The direction of the force is given by a right-hand rule that follows the rule for charges.