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  1. Physics equations/Magnetic field calculations - Wikiversity

    • Contents
    • 2 Magnetic field lines for typical geometries
    • 3 Magnetic field due to a current loop
    • The equation in SI units is: **Problem: Generalize this line integral to a volume integral involving...


  2. Maxwell's equations - Wikipedia

    Maxwell's equations are a set of partial differential equations that, together with the Lorentz force law, form the foundation of classical electromagnetism, quantum field theory, classical optics, and electric circuits.


  3. Electromagnetic wave equation - Wikipedia

    • The homogeneous form of the equation, written in terms of either the electric field E or the magnetic field B, takes the form


  4. Mathematical descriptions of the electromagnetic field - Wikipedia

    There are various mathematical descriptions of the electromagnetic field that are used in the study of electromagnetism, one of the four fundamental forces of nature. In this article three approaches are discussed, generally the equations are in terms of electric and magnetic fields, potentials...


  5. Electromagnetic tensor - Wikipedia

    • The electric and magnetic fields can be obtained from the components of the electromagnetic tensor.
    • Substituting this into the Euler–Lagrange equation of motion for a field


  6. Magnetic field - Wikipedia

    A magnetic field is the magnetic effect of electric currents and magnetic materials. The magnetic field at any given point is specified by both a direction and a magnitude (or strength); as such it is represented by a vector field.


  7. Electromagnetic Waves

    • Electromagnetic Wave Equation.
    • with the same form applying to the magnetic field wave in a plane perpendicular the electric field.


  8. Magnetostatics - Wikipedia

    Magnetostatics is the study of magnetic fields in systems where the currents are steady (not changing with time). It is the magnetic analogue of electrostatics, where the charges are stationary. The magnetization need not be static...


  9. Maxwell's Equations | Gauss' Law for Magnetism

    • This is useful for the calculation of magnetic field for simple geometries.
    • Apply to charge conservation. Maxwell's Equations. Index.


  10. Classical field theory - Wikipedia

    A classical field theory is a physical theory that predicts how one or more physical fields interact with matter through field equations. The term 'classical field theory' is commonly reserved for describing those physical theories that describe electromagnetism and gravitation...