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Electromagnetic tensor - Wikipedia


It is not to be confused with Electric field strength or Magnetic field strength.

Mathematical descriptions of the electromagnetic field - Wikipedia


There are various mathematical descriptions of the electromagnetic field that are used in the study of electromagnetism, one of the four fundamental forces of nature. In this article three approaches are discussed, generally the equations are in terms of electric and magnetic fields, potentials...

Maxwell's Equations | A Sheet of Current: A Simple Magnetic Field


Maxwell's four equations describe the electric and magnetic fields arising from distributions of electric charges and currents, and how those fields change in time.

Electromagnetic Waves


Electromagnetic Wave Equation.

Maxwell's equations - Wikipedia


set of partial differential equations that describe how electric and magnetic fields are generated and altered by each other and by charges and currents. (Redirected from Maxwell's Laws). Maxwell's equations are a set of partial differential equations that, together with the Lorentz force law...

The Magnetic Field


Equation [1] states that the magnitude of the magnetic field decreases with distance as 1/R from the wire. The Magnetic field is also directly proportional to the current I...

Appendix II: The Electro-magnetic Field Equations...


Maxwell’s Equations and the Lorentz Force Law together comprise the e/m field equations; i.e., those equations determining the interactions of charged particles in the vicinity of electric and magnetic...

Field Equations


On the Notation of MAXWELL’s Field Equations.

Maxwell's equations


For the electromagnetic field in a vacuum, the equations become: In this system of units the relation between magnetic induction, magnetic field and total magnetization take the form


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