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  1. Magnetic force on a charge (video) | Khan Academy

    • Let's see if we can study it further and learn a little bit about magnetic field and actually the effects that they have on moving charges.
    • actually end up being the same thing, that we have something called an electromagnetic force, once we start learning about Maxwell's equations and relativity and all that.


  2. Magnetic field - Wikipedia

    • Often the magnetic field is defined by the force it exerts on a moving charged particle. It is known from experiments in electrostatics that a particle of
    • To circumvent this problem, H and D fields are used to re-factor Maxwell's equations in terms of the free current density Jf and free charge density ρf


  3. The magnetic force and field

    • The unit of magnetic field strength is the Tesla (T). Comparing eq.(30.1) and eq.(30.4) we can determine the magnetic field generated by a point charge q2 moving with a velocity v2



    • The equations determine how fields arise from distributed charge and current and specify how field components are related to each other.
    • Electric and Magnetic Forces. The sum is taken over all specified charges. It may include freely moving charges in conductors, bound charges in dielectric...


  5. Biot–Savart law - Wikipedia

    In physics, specifically electromagnetism, the Biot–Savart law (/ˈbiːoʊ səˈvɑːr/ or /ˈbjoʊ səˈvɑːr/) is an equation describing the magnetic field generated by an electric current. It relates the magnetic field to the magnitude, direction, length, and proximity of the electric current.


  6. Let’s now turn to investigating how to | of wire 2. The magnitude of the field is given by equation 19.9

    • on moving charges. The analog of the point. charge for magnetism is the long straight current-. carrying wire. Figure 19.23 shows the magnetic.
    • because of the magnetic field of wire 1. Equation 19.7 (. ) gives us the.


  7. 31-1 Force on a Charge Moving in a Magnetic Field

    • Later it was shown that charged particles moving in magnetic fields also experience forces.
    • Forces on moving charges and currents. §3j-j. We may consider Equation (31-2) as a definition of B. From the above equation we see that if v is parallel to B, the force on the moving...


  8. Electromagnetic field - Wikipedia

    • The electric field is produced by stationary charges, and the magnetic field by moving charges (currents); these two are often described as the sources of the field.
    • Under these conditions, the electric and magnetic fields satisfy the electromagnetic wave equation:[6].


  9. Magnetic force on a current carrying wire (video) | Khan Academy

    • It was that the force of a magnetic field on a moving charged particle is equal to the charge-- that's not what I wanted to do-- is equal to the charge of the particle-- and that's just a scalar quantity
    • Because when we did the first equation, we cared about the direction a positive charge would go in.


  10. Induced current in a wire (video) | Khan Academy | Physics Magnetic forces, magnetic fields, and Faraday's law

    • The charge is moving to the left with the velocity V, so now we can apply the first magnetism formula that we learned.
    • So at least in very qualitative terms, you see that when you move a wire through a magnetic field or when you move a magnetic field past a wire, right?