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  1. Magnetic field - Wikipedia

    A magnetic field is the magnetic effect of electric currents and magnetic materials. The magnetic field at any given point is specified by both a direction and a magnitude (or strength); as such it is represented by a vector field.


  2. Magnetic Field Lines

    • Magnetic Field Lines. Einstein is said to have been fascinated by a compass as a child, perhaps musing on how the needle felt a force without direct physical contact.


  3. Field line - Wikipedia

    A field line is a locus that is defined by a vector field and a starting location within the field. Field lines are useful for visualizing vector fields, which are otherwise hard to depict. Unlike longitude and latitude lines on a globe, or topographic lines on a topographic map...


  4. Magnetic Field Lines | Brilliant Math & Science Wiki

    • Magnetic field lines are a visual tool used to represent magnetic fields. They describe the direction of the magnetic force on a north monopole at any given position.


  5. Physics4Kids.com: Electricity & Magnetism: Magnetic Fields

    • The idea of magnetic field lines and magnetic fields was first examined by Michael Faraday and later by James Clerk Maxwell.


  6. Magnets and Electromagnets

    • The lines of magnetic field from a bar magnet form closed lines.
    • As can be visualized with the magnetic field lines, the magnetic field is strongest inside the magnetic material.


  7. Magnetic field - New World Encyclopedia | Magnetic B field lines

    • Since magnetic field lines always come in loops, magnetic poles always come in N and S pairs. If a magnetic field line enters a magnet somewhere it has to leave the magnet somewhere else...


  8. Magnetism: fields and forces

    • 5. Sketch the magnetic field lines in the vicinity of a bar magnet, a solenoid, pairs of bar magnets placed end to end and a very long straight current-carrying wire.


  9. Magnetic Fields | (i) Field lines

    • Steel is said to be magnetically ‘hard’. Magnetic field lines.
    • the direction of the magnetic field at a point is taken as the direction that a north pole would tend to move if it were at that point.


  10. Magnetic fields of currents

    • The magnetic field lines around a long wire which carries an electric current form concentric circles around the wire.