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  1. Magnetic Field | Solenoids

    • Right Hand Rule for Magnetic Field Due. to a Straight Wire.
    • To find the magnetic field inside a solenoid we will make a simplified model. The model may differ a little from a real solenoid, but the agreement between the two is quite good.


  2. Right-hand Rules

    • Right-Hand Rules: A Guide to finding the Direction of the Magnetic Force. Fmagnetic - The force a magnetic field exerts on a moving charge.
    • Both the fields for a coil of wire and a solenoid can be constructed from this equation.


  3. Earth’s Magnetic Field | 2 0 –7 Solenoids and Electromagnets

    • Right-Hand-Rule-1: Magnetic field direction produced by electric current. FIGURE 20–9 Magnetic field lines due to a circular loop of wire.
    • (b). FIGURE 20–28 (a) Magnetic field of a solenoid. The north pole of this solenoid, thought of as a magnet, is on the right, and the south pole is on the left...


  4. Magnetic Fields | Fleming’s left-hand rule ('the motor rule')

    • In this, a radial magnetic field is produced between the pole-pieces of a magnet. The turns of the coil are at right angles to the field lines, so when a current passes through the coil it experiences a force to the
    • Alternately, there is a different version of the right-hand grip rule which applies to the solenoid


  5. Definition Problem: Magnetic Field of a Solenoid - Physics - University of Wisconsin-Green Bay

    • You also need to use what you know about the shape of the magnetic field in a solenoid. The two step right hand rule allows you to determine which direction the field points, but does not tell you the shape of the field.


  6. Lorentz Force Law and Right Hand Rules | Lorentz force is the force experienced by a charge moving in an electromagnetic field.

    • The right hand rule is applied when determining Lorentz force. qv. The three quantities I,B and F and all at right angles to each other.
    • • A solenoid is a long coil of thin wire, which when wrapped around a piece of metal, produces a magnetic field when an electric current is passed through it.


  7. Magnetic Fields | Right Hand Rule Number 2, cont.

    • Magnetic Field from Current, cont. Right-Hand Rule Number 1. Plotting Field Lines. Charges and Magnetic Fields.
    • • Ampère’s Law is still true in cases where the magnetic field varies. Section 20.7. Field Inside a Solenoid. • By stacking many loops close together, the field along the axis is much...


  8. Everything Maths and Science | Figure 3: Magnetic field around a solenoid.

    • By using the Right Hand Rule, draw what you think the magnetic field would look like at different points around each of the two loops.
    • A solenoid is a cylindrical coil of wire acting as a magnet when an electric current flows through the wire.


  9. Magnetic effects of | The direction of the magnetic field around a conductor is given by the Right Hand Thumb Rule.

    • 4) Magnetic field due to current in a solenoid :- A solenoid is a circular coil of wire in the shape of a cylinder. When current flows through a solenoid, it behaves like a bar magnet.
    • Fleming’s Right Hand Rule


  10. notes for the magnetic field mapping lab

    • Theory: The direction of the magnetic field is given by the right hand rule.
    • We will map the fields of a bar magnet and a solenoid, which both have a theoretical field (ideally) of a pure magnetic dipole, for fields outside (see the pre-lab).