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  1. MEMS magnetic field sensor - Wikipedia

    A MEMS-based magnetic field sensor is a small-scale microelectromechanical (MEMS) device for detecting and measuring magnetic fields. Many of these operate by detecting effects of the Lorentz force: a change in voltage or resonant frequency may be measured electronically...


  2. Magnetic Field Sensor | Vernier

    • The Magnetic Field Sensor can be used to study the field around permanent magnets, coils, and electrical devices.


  3. A New Perspective on Magnetic Field Sensing | Sensors Magazine

    • Magnetic sensors can be classified according to low-, medium-, and high-field sensing range.
    • Table 1 lists magnetic sensor technologies and their sensing ranges [1].


  4. Magnetic Field Sensor

    • The sensor output is a voltage proportional to a magnetic field applied perpendicularly to the package top surface.


  5. Magnetic Field Sensor Circuit

    • This DIY magnetic field sensor circuit is very simple and can detect fixed magnetic fields or fields that are varying at an audio frequency.


  6. Magnetic Field Sensors

    • • Magnetic field monitoring • Use as feedback sensors in active magnetic field shielding systems • Site surveys prior to MRI or Electron Microscope • Electromagnetic surveys • Aeromagnetic surveys.


  7. MAGNETIC SENSORS | Sensing Earth’s Magnetic Field

    • Sensing Earth’s Magnetic Field. Our magnetic sensors are designed to accurately detect the direction and magnitude of external magnetic fields for compassing and magnetometry applications.


  8. Mag-03 Three-Axis Magnetic Field Sensors

    • Use as feedback sensors on active cancellation systems. Measurement of magnetic field disturbances, for example around MRI.


  9. Magnetometer - Wikipedia

    A magnetometer is an instrument that measures magnetism—either magnetization of magnetic material like a ferromagnet, or the direction, strength, or the relative change of a magnetic field at a particular location.


  10. Magnetic Field Sensors

    • A common magnetic field sensor is a Hall effect sensor, which is a transducer with output voltage changes with the strength of the magnetic field at the sensor. Hall sensors have been used as...