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A MEMS-based magnetic field sensor is a small-scale microelectromechanical (MEMS) device for detecting and measuring magnetic fields. Many of these operate by detecting effects of the Lorentz force: a change in voltage or resonant frequency may be measured electronically...

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The Magnetic Field Sensor can be used to study the field around permanent magnets, coils, and electrical devices.

A New Perspective on Magnetic Field Sensing

Magnetic field sensing has vastly expanded as industry has adapted a variety of magnetic sensors to detect the presence, strength, or direction of magnetic fields not only from the Earth...

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Magnetic Field Sensor. 012-06928B. In addition to switch selectable range and orientation of the sensing element, a tare button is also provided on the top of the sensor.

A New Perspective on Magnetic Field Sensing | Sensors

Magnetic sensors can be classified according to low-, medium-, and high-field sensing range.

Temperature-Insensitive Magnetic Field Sensor

Abstract: A novel magnetic field sensor based on the magnetic fluid and Mach–Zehnder interferometer is proposed.

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Balluff’s magnetic field cylinder sensors are based on non-contact, solid-state sensor technology that is compatible with both reed and Hall Effect magnetic pole orientations...

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Magnetic field sensor consists of Anisotropic magnetic resistive (AMR) materials, nickel-iron alloy known as the permaloy.

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The magnetic field sensor is composed of a semiconductor magnetic field sensor, for example a magnetotransistor, and at least one NiFe or NiCo film disposed upon its surface.

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Analog Devices magnetic field sensors combine integrated bulk Hall cell technology and instrumentation circuitry to minimize temperature related drifts associated with silicon Hall cell...

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