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  1. Magnetic flux - definition of magnetic flux by The Free Dictionary

    • Define magnetic flux. magnetic flux synonyms, magnetic flux pronunciation, magnetic flux translation, English dictionary definition of magnetic flux. n...


  2. Magnetic flux density - definition of magnetic flux density by The Free Dictionary

    • ...flux density pronunciation, magnetic flux density translation, English dictionary definition of
    • The amount of magnetic flux through a unit area taken perpendicular to the direction of the magnetic flux.


  3. Magnetic flux | Define Magnetic flux at Dictionary.com

    • Magnetic flux definition, the total magnetic induction crossing a surface
    • These lines are still called "lines of magnetic force," or by some "magnetic streamings" "magnetic flux," or simply "magnetism."


  4. Magnetic flux - Wikipedia

    In physics, specifically electromagnetism, the magnetic flux (often denoted Φ or ΦB) through a surface is the surface integral of the normal component of the magnetic field B passing through that surface. The SI unit of magnetic flux is the weber (Wb) (in derived units: volt-seconds)...


  5. Magnetic flux density dictionary definition | magnetic flux density defined

    • Magnetic flux density is defined as the amount of magnetic flux in an area taken perpendicular to the magnetic flux's direction.
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  6. What does MAGNETIC FLUX mean? | Definitions & Translations

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  7. Magnetic flux : definition of Magnetic flux and synonyms of Magnetic flux (English)

    • definitions - Magnetic flux. report a problem. magnetic flux (n.) 1.the lines of force surrounding a permanent magnet or a moving charged particle.


  8. Magnetic Flux | Definition of Magnetic Flux by Merriam-Webster

    • Define magnetic flux: a measure of magnetic induction represented by lines of force.
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  9. Magnetic Flux (Φ) definition and what does it mean

    • Magnetic Flux (Φ) - product of the magnetic field strength and a cross-sectional area and the
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  10. What is magnetic field? - Definition from WhatIs.com

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    • Magnetic flux passes through most metals with little or no effect, with certain exceptions, notably iron and nickel.