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FLUX= प्रवाह (pr. {pravah} )(Noun). Usage : Lines of flux change their properties while pass through a magnetic field.

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The 2D Electromagnetic Finite Element problem is solved by ANSOFT 2DMAXWELL FEM software package, by which the magnetic flux line path of squirrel cage induction motor and the chart for magnetic flux density are obtained.

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Define magnetic flux. magnetic flux synonyms, magnetic flux pronunciation, magnetic flux translation, English dictionary definition of magnetic flux. n. A measure of the quantity of magnetism, being the total number of magnetic lines of force passing through a specified area in a...

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Information provided on flux. Meaning and definitions of flux, translation in Hindi language for flux with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of flux in Hindi and in English language.

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Flux is the presence of a force field in a specified physical medium, or the flow of energy through a surface. In electronics, the term applies to any electrostatic field and any magnetic field.

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In chapter 16, for instance, we could have defined an electric flux, a measure of the number of electric field lines passing through an area, in a way analogous to the following definition of magnetic flux.

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Definition of: Magnetic Flux. Standard Definition. [n] the lines of force surrounding a permanent magnet or a moving charged particle [n] a measure of the strength of a magnetic field over a given area.

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Magnetic flux density is defined as the amount of magnetic flux in an area taken perpendicular to the magnetic flux's direction.

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