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  1. magnetic flux meaning in telugu

    • magnetic-flux - Meaning in Telugu, what is meaning of magnetic-flux in telugu dictionary, audio pronunciation, synonyms and definitions of magnetic-flux in telugu and English.
    • Magnetic Flux is a measurement of magnetism exhibited by an object in a two dimensional area.


  2. magnetic flux in telugu

    • Magnetic flux Meaning 🛈⏬Video shows what magnetic flux means. A measure of the strength of a magnetic field in a given area..
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  3. EXAMPLE 20.1 – Determining the magnetic flux

    • Flux means something quite different in physics than it does in everyday conversation.
    • Magnetic flux is a measure of the number of magnetic field lines passing through an area. The symbol we use for flux is the Greek letter capital phi, .The equation for magnetic flux is


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  5. What is magnetic flux? (article) | Khan Academy

    • Learn what magnetic flux means and how to calculate it.
    • Magnetic flux is a measurement of the total magnetic field which passes through a given area. It is a useful tool for helping describe the effects of the magnetic force on something occupying a given area.


  6. What does magnetic flux mean in physics

    • The total magnetic flux through a closed surface is zero, according to Gauss's law for magnetism.
    • Answers.com® WikiAnswers® Categories Science Physics What does magnetic flux mean in physics?


  7. Magnetic Flux

    • Magnetic flux is the product of the average magnetic field times the perpendicular area that it penetrates.
    • For a closed surface, the sum of magnetic flux is always equal to zero (Gauss' law for magnetism).


  8. Read This to Know What Magnetic Flux Means and How to Calculate It

    Magnetic Flux is a measurement of magnetism exhibited by an object in a two dimensional area. This is also referred to as electromagnetism and is used to calculate the density of the magnetic field.


  9. Topic 12: Electromagnetic Induction | The induced electromotive force across a conductor is equal to the rate at which magnetic flux is cut by the conductor.

    • We need to think of magnetic field lines as magnetic flux (flux meaning something that flows). Magnetic flux flows out of the north pole of a magnet in back into the south pole.


  10. Flux φ and | b. Magnetic Flux Density B: B = µ H = A- H µ in Henry

    • We need to define and distinguish magnetic Field intensity H, Magnetomotive force MMF = NI = F and magnetic flux φvs. magnetic flux density = φ/A = B. a. Magnetic field intensity H is in units of A/M or A-turn/meter.