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  1. homework and exercises - What is the force between two perpendicular wire? - Physics Stack Exchange

    • Perpendicular Current Carrying Wires Forces?
    • Magnetic field in-between two antiparallel wires with the same current. 1. A conductor shaped like a square, what's the force between the two long wire segments?


  2. What is the magnetic force between two perpendicular (in the same plane) long wires? - Quora

    • What is the difference between copper wire and magnet wire? What will be the resultant of two forces 30N and 40N acting perpendicular to each other?
    • Related Questions. Why is the magnetic force dominant in two parallel wires where the charges are traveling into the same direction?


  3. Magnetic Force and Current Balance | (C) Magnetic force between two parallel current-carrying wires Consider two parallel

    • Is the magnetic force between the two wires repulsive or attractive?
    • velocity v in a magnetic field B, it experiences a magnetic force, F, which is perpendicular to both v and B. If v is perpendicular to B, the magnitude of the magnetic force is given by.


  4. PHYS-2212 LAB | Figure 1: Magnetic field lines around a current-carrying wire

    • To investigate the magnetic force between two parallel current-carrying wires and determine the magnetic permeability of free space, µo.
    • The direction of the magnetic force on moving charges (or electric current) is perpendicular to both the direction of the magnetic field lines and to the direction...


  5. Magnetic forces

    • 2. The magnitude of the force is F = qvB sinθ where θ is the angle < 180 degrees between the
    • When the magnetic force relationship is applied to a current-carrying wire, the
    • in mind is that the magnetic force is perpendicular to both the magnetic field and the charge velocity, but that leaves two...


  6. Magnetic force between two currents going in the same direction (video) | Khan Academy

    • This is wire 2, this is wire 1. What's going to happen to wire 2? Well, let's think about it. Wire 1-- the current in it is going to generate a magnetic field.
    • What are magnetic fields? Magnetic force between two currents going in opposite directions.


  7. magnetic force between two perpendicular wires

    • Magnetic Force between Two Parallel Conductors. This field is uniform along wire 2 and perpendicular to it
    • I have read about how magnetism arises from electric interactions and relativity. But in that respect i dont see how perpendicular wires can exert magnetic forces on each other.


  8. Forces between currents | Magnetic Force Between Wires

    • Magnetic Force Between Wires. The magnetic field of an infinitely long straight wire can be obtained by applying Ampere's law.
    • Note that two wires carrying current in the same direction attract each other, and they repel if the currents are opposite in direction.


  9. What is the force between two perpendicular wire ? | Yahoo Answers

    • Why there is no force between any two currents perpendicular to each other? How to calculate the magnetic force between two permanent magnet? Magnetic forces and fields between parallel wires...?


  10. Magnetic Fields produced by long straight current-carrying wires

    • If charges are moving perpendicular to magnetic elds, they experience a force which is applied to the wire.
    • 2. Use superposition to determine the magnetic eld produced by two long wires. 3. Calculate the force of attraction or repulsion between two long current-carrying wires.