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  1. K&J Magnetics - Magnet Calculator

    • The Original K&J Magnet Calculator. Pull Force.
    • While K&J Magnetics offers diametrically magnetized discs, this calculator does not apply to them.


  2. Magnetic Force Calculator

    • This magnetic force calculator calculates the magnetic force which a moving charge exerts travelling through a magnetic field.


  3. Neodymium Magnetic Pull Force Calculator | Dura Magnetics

    • Magnet Applications. Pull Force Calculators.
    • Home » Neodymium Magnets (NdFeB) » Neodymium Magnetic Pull Force Calculator.


  4. Magnetic Lifting Force, Design, Equation and Calculator | Engineers Edge | www.engineersedge.com

    • Magnetic Force Lifting Force Equation and Calculator.
    • The following is the equation and associated calculator to determine the the effective lifting force.


  5. K&J Magnetics - Repelling Magnet Calculator

    • Click here to go to our Repelling Force Magnet Calculator that shows the repelling force generated
    • While K&J Magnetics offers diametrically magnetized discs, this calculator does not apply to them.


  6. Calculate attraction of magnets with Adhesive Force Tool

    • Adhesive Force Calculation. On this page you can carry out adhesive force calculations with the help of articles from our shop or by entering your own specifications.


  7. Magnetic Force Calculation (example)

    • This example of magnetic force calculation illustrates how a simple change in the magnetic circuit increased the lifting force of a magnetic device by a factor of 15.
    • Calculator.


  8. Online Solenoid Electromagnetic Force Calculator

    • ...fields, this online calculator can be used to calculate solenoid electromagnetic force by filling in
    • Solenoid is a long loop of wire wrapped along metallic core, which produces a uniform magnetic field...


  9. Forces between currents | Magnetic Force Between Wires

    • Once the magnetic field has been calculated, the magnetic force expression can be used to calculate the force.


  10. Methods of Calculating Forces | 7 The Biot-Savart Force Law Plus Eective Magnetic Poles

    • Despite 180 years of theory on magnetism, it appears that the practice of calculating forces on magnetic media is ambiguous, as illustrated by a recent article by Casperson [1]...