... calculate the stiffness of the magnetic compensator-based neodymium magnets, as it is important to find the strength of the magnetic interaction between the ...

Development of an Experimental Permanent-Magnet Motor Drive


imental drive system, of which the central component is a permanent-magnet synchronous motor ... The synthesis of the motor was based on numerical calculations ... shown discrepancies less than 5 K between the measured and the calculated tem- ... revealed some interesting topics within the field of electric machinery.

A delocalized arene-bridged diuranium single-molecule magnet ...


Single-molecule magnets (SMMs) are multinuclear clusters whose behaviour typically relies on intramolecular spin-coupling interactions between neighbouring metal ions. ... secondary slow relaxation process for the field- induced single-molecule magnet U(H2BPz2)3. .... J.M. carried out and analysed the DFT calculations.

Calculation method of electric power lines magnetic field strength ...


For engineering calculations of electric power lines magnetic field with ... O. O., Havryliuk V. I., Kovryhin M. O., Buriak S. Yu; Magnet-induced behavior of iron ... cause - effect relationships between design parameters of transmission lines and  ...



System Implementation of Speed Restriction While Developing the Force Compensation Systems ..... Development of Algorithms of Interaction between Electronic Instrument ... Development of Permanent Magnet Motor Calculation Technique.

Особенности нагрева немагнитных изделий прямоугольного ...


... for calculating electromagnetic parameters of system «inductor-product» and ... magnetic field, the number of pole pairs of the magnets and the gap between ...

Electromotive Force at Etching Homogeneous Magnetized Steel ...


In this paper, we calculate the electric cell voltage of the physical circuit at etching ... Y.C. Tang and A.J. Davenport, “Magnetic field effects on the corrosion of ... magnetic field on the corrosion behavior of Nd—Fe—B permanent magnets”, J. Magn. ... R.F. Considine et al., “Forces measured between latex spheres in aqueous ...



The magnetic properties of (PrDy)(CoFe)B microparticles powder and effects of ... no relationship between microparticles powder and sintered magnet has been .... field the equilibrium state of the ensemble can be determined by equation:

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EFFORT TENSION CYLINDRICAL LINEAR GATE PERMANENT MAGNET MOTOR. BETWEEN THE STATOR AND THE SECONDARY ELEMENT ... The article describes the method of calculating the pulling force necessary to determine the ...

Analysis of thermal state of traction brushless permanent motor for ...


It was recommended to use high temperature permanent magnets in traction ... the electromagnetic calculation to the stator winding coils (SW) of the field model of ... 8 shows good agreement between the results of calculation and experiment  ...

Force between magnets - Wikipedia


Magnets exert forces and torques on each other due to the complex rules of electromagnetism. The forces of attraction field of magnets are due to microscopic currents of electrically charged electrons orbiting nuclei and the intrinsic magnetism of fundamental particles (such as electrons)...

K&J Magnetics - Magnet Calculator


Click here to go to our Repelling Force Magnet Calculator that shows the repelling force generated between two same-sized magnets.

Magnetic Force Calculation Between Thin Coaxial Circular Coils in Air


Example 1: Calculate the magnetic force between two. solenoids with the following dimensions

Magnetic force calculation between circu-lar coils...


For a hybrid magnet combined with an outsert superconducting magnet and an inner water-cooled magnet, it is very important to obtain the magnetic force between two types of magnet, especially in the event of the inner water-cooled magnet short circuit.

Forces between currents | Magnetic Force Between Wires


Magnetic Force Between Wires. The magnetic field of an infinitely long straight wire can be obtained by applying Ampere's law.

homework and exercises - calculate force between two magnets...


I have used a couple of online calculators to estimate the attractive force between two cylindrical bar magnets. Using d=1"; t=1"; x=0.1"; Neo35 (Br=12,300 Gauss)

Magnetic Force Calculation (example)


Magnet Design. Calculator.

Magnetism: fields and forces


Demonstration: Forces between permanent magnets The forces between permanent magnets are investigated by placing a vertical bar magnet in a

Magnetic Force - Definition, Right Hand Rule, Calculating & Examples


The magnetic field around any magnetic material is the region where forces act on other magnetic materials or magnets by inducing the magnetism in them.

Analytic calculation of magnetic force between two... | SpringerLink


Babic, S. I. and Akyel, C. Magnetic force calculation between thin coaxial circular coils in air. IEEE Transactions on Magnetics, 44(4), 445–452 (2008)CrossRefGoogle Scholar.


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